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        Osiris roamed around the realm to carry out his mission as usual. His duty was to judge the dead and guide them to the underworld. With more and more lives sacrificed in the wars, many lost, sorrowful souls were wandering in the realm. They had nowhere to go, and there was no turning back...Surrounded by the dead, Osiris felt that his power and the elemental power nearby began to be affected by them. Suddenly, an elemental vision was created, through which Osiris had experienced an alternative life…
        Osiris was a shy little boy when he was young. When other kids were having fun together, he always sat on the floor, playing alone. Actually, Osiris was afraid of loneliness, but he was too shy to say a word. The other kids thought he was a weirdo, so they dared not approach, which made him look even more lonely.
        One day, Osiris was playing alone in the sand pool as usual. Suddenly, someone just sat by his side, who was a strange little girl. She smiled at him when Osiris looked at her. This time, he decided to pluck up his courage and talked to her——
        “I’m Isis. What’s your name?” The girl wore a smile on her face.
        “O-Osiris.” Watching her adorable sunshine smile, Osiris felt shy and scratched his head.
        Since then, he never felt lonely anymore. Both of them were inseparable, except when Osiris attended classes or left the school. Immersed in the happiness, he did not notice the strange eyes of the people around him.
        Afterwards, as his situation had made the classmates feel scared, the teacher started paying attention to this matter.
        “Osiris, what are you doing,” the teacher asked.
        “I’m playing sand with her.” Osiris smiled kindly.
        “Her? Who is she?” The teacher pretended to be calm in order to conceal a bad feeling about it.
        “She is Isis, my best friend,” Osiris answered innocently.
        The teacher was shocked by his words. Rumor has it that a little girl died in the school before, and her name was Isis. The teacher had informed his parents of this situation. They left the work aside and came to the school immediately. Led by the teacher, they saw Osiris playing in the sand pool. Excited about their visit, Osiris flew into the arms of his parents and asked, “Dad! Mom! Why are you here?”
        “I’m happy to see you! Let me introduce her to you. She is my best friend Isis.”
        His parents and the teacher looked at the direction where Osiris pointed at. Then, they began to feel terrified.
        “Isis, come! Don’t be shy!” When Osiris tried to bring Isis to his parents, his father stopped him immediately. “ good boy, we didn’t see anyone here...That girl Isis...She doesn’t exist at all…” His mother came over, held him tight and whispered.
        Osiris was speechless for a moment. Hearing mother’s trembling voice, he gazed at his parents and teacher. They looked extremely frightened, which he had never seen before. Osiris turned around and saw Isis gradually vanish in the air…
        After that day, Osiris was even more reclusive because he could not distinguish who is human, who is ghost, so he was afraid of communicating with anybody. The solitariness continued eroding his soul, and gradually made his mind collapse into chaos. Later on, he even quitted the school and just stayed in his room all day long.
        “What should I do...I'm lost…” “Don’t worry. I can help you.” Osiris was talking to himself in the room.
        He took out a knife in the kitchen and walked to the school slowly. By the time Osiris arrived, he saw his teacher walk past. Without hesitation, he thrust the knife into her back. The teacher had no time to react; the knife was pierced deep into her body. Groaning in pain, she lay down and pressed her wound, but the blood kept spilling out.
        Then, Osiris sat on her and kept stabbing with the knife! Soon, the teacher was completely still. Such horrible scene had shocked all of the children. Shortly, he stood up, rushing towards them right away——
        Before long, the entire school became silent. Osiris, holding his blood-dripping knife, walked out slowly. Then, he rushed to another passerby with an evil smile…
        “As I’m able to see the dead, guiding the lost souls is my mission. This is my destiny, so I could only accept it…”