Northern Dipper Story Ch. 5

        At the early morning, Ju Men stood before a ragged house, staring at the sign hung above—— “Northern Dipper Agency”.

        “How can this crappy sign get us any customers...If anyone sees this poorly placed sign they must think that we’re doing some kind of illegal stuff here——” While Ju Men was whining, a loud noise inside the house interrupted him. Rushing in, he was pissed at the moment he saw a mess in the kitchen.

        “Lian Zhen! What the hell did you do?” Ju Men stared at Lian Zhen, who was completely frozen by his gaze.

        “I, I, I——”

        “What’s wrong with you? This place is messy enough and now you’re making more mess——” Ju Men threw his complaint at Lian Zhen non-stop, making her burst into tears.

        The cry of Lian Zhen drew the attention of another man——Tan Lang who intervened. Standing between them, Tan Lang pointed at Ju Men and said, “Ju Men, I can’t let you push a girl around like that.”

        “I didn’t. I was just telling her not to mess up the house!”

        “Ugh,” Tan Lan heaved a sigh and shook his head. “You must be grumpy because of being single. I can dress up like a girl to sooth your loneliness if you want.”

        Tan Lang wasn’t helping at all; on the contrary, Ju Men was even angrier.

        “You indecent bastard! I ain’t someone like you!” The enraged Ju Men stormed out of the house.

        “Dammit! I just can’t live with these weirdos! I must fulfill 100 wishes as soon as possible and return to the Heavenly Kingdom!”

        Meanwhile, something was happening nearby, where a crying woman was confronting a man with a painting.

        “You can’t just leave like that!”

        “For god’s sake just let go of me!” Flinging the woman away, the man left as he managed to get rid of her. Meanwhile, the woman sat on the ground, crying disheartenedly. Unable to sit back, Ju Men went over to offer help.

        “Are you alright?”

        “Thank you mister. I’m fine. I——” Before the woman could finish speaking, Ju Men raised his hand, signalling her to stop. Then he started talking on his own, “I totally understand your feelings. You must have a young son, an old granny and a dying husband to feed, so you were trying to pawn your painting of family treasure. Yet that despicable merchant ruined your painting and refused to pay...Am I right?”

        “What?” The woman first puzzled; then she nodded immediately with few drops of tears. “Yes, yes, exactly. Mister you’re insightful.”

        “Don’t worry. I’ll make justice prevail. You wait for my good news.” After promising the woman, Ju Men leaped onto the roof.

        “Found you.” It didn’t take Ju Men long to spot the man from high ground. After a few leaps, Ju Men caught up with the man and landed in front of him.

        “Whoa! Why are you showing up out of the blue? You’re scaring the crap out of me!” The man was startled.

        “Why would you be afraid if you hadn’t done anything wrong?”

        “W-what do you mean?”

        “You know what I mean,” said Ju Men. In the nick of time, he took the wallet hanging on the man’s belt, tossing it up and down.

        “Hey! Give me back the wallet! It’s my hard-earned money!” The man pounced on Ju Men, but his attempt was in vain. Ju Men agilely dodged and kicked him away into a pile of trash.

        “Don’t take advantage of woman next time!” Ju Men left the words for the man then leaped onto the roof again, returning to the woman. “I took his wallet,” said Ju Men enthusiastically.

        “Thank you mister. I appreciate your help very much,” said the woman, whose eyes were glittering at the moment. But when she reached to take the wallet, she couldn’t have it because Ju Men grabbed it tightly.


        “Hmm, there’s actually quite a lot of money inside. Let’s just take an amount of your share. How much does your painting worth?”

        While Ju Men was reaching to her painting, 3 persons approached——

        “Mr. policeman, that’s the woman! 3 days ago, she accused me of ruining her precious painting, and she forced me to pay for her loss!” An old man reported to the police, pointing at the woman.

        “Huh? W-what’s going on here?” Ju Men was completely in shock, while the woman cursed a swear, took the wallet and fled as quickly as she could.

        “We found you! You conman!” The police warned and pursued the woman.

        “So she’s a fraud...the real bad guy here...Damn it! How dare she deceive me…” Enraged, Ju Men conjured the Xian power, consolidating into a shiny lasso.

        “Catch that woman!” Under his command, the lasso flew all the way to trap the woman precisely. Very soon, the woman was arrested by the police.

        Figuring out the whole picture, Ju Men apologized to the man who he had kicked earlier. Instead of blaming, the man forgave him, which cause a profound impact on his thought.

        When he returned to the Northern Dipper Agency, he saw a plate of hot birthday buns laid on the dining table. Po Jun, who was having a bun in his mouth, waved at Ju Men when he came back.

        “Ju Men! What a good timing. The birthday buns made by Lian Zhen are ready. Come get one.”

        “Birthday buns? Whose birthday?” As Ju Men asked intuitively, Po Jun rolled his eyes for his question.

        “Can’t you even remember your birthday?”

        “My birthday...So Lian Zhen was making birthday buns for me this morning…But I…” Ju Men felt a tremendous guilt for his attitude towards Lian Zhen this morning.

        “Don’t jump to conclusions. Sometimes what you see isn’t the truth, for the world is much more complicated than you think. Remember to be patient, listen and think twice before you judge.”

        What Lan Caihe had told him was now echoing in his mind; right now, he finally understood the meaning of his words.

        “I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have thrown my temper at you this morning,” said Ju Men to Lian Zhen, bowing to apologize.

        “It’s okay. You were in a bad mood. Come and join us.”

        Lian Zhen smiled and waved at him; and the 7 Xians of the Northern Dipper ended another day in the mortal realm while enjoying the delicious birthday buns...

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