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        Seth had never been this angry. A few armored soldiers were causing a disturbance outside the tribe. This disturbed his sleep, besides, they were yelling:

        “You big short-legged lizard!”

        “No, it’s a useless coward red-skinned snake!”

        If this can be tolerated, then what can be called intolerable! Seth originally was trying to ignore them, but what they said enraged him. He charged at the soldiers with a big roar.
        “Rude jerks!”

        He raised his scepter, directing the power of elements to chase behind the armored soldiers and aimlessly fire at the enemies. All of a sudden, a painful cry came from the shrine. Seth ceased his attacks as he recognized Shu’s voice. Worried, he gave those soldiers a cold gaze, and immediately return to the shrine.

        “There will no longer be any rain. Lakes and rivers will dry up. The land will crack and crops will wilt!”

        Back in the shrine, Seth could only hear Shu roar in anger. He stepped inside. Shu was covering his eyes with his wings in agony, and crashed into the walls of the shrine. Seth raised his scepter and casted a spell on Shu. A warm red light emerged from it and slowly fell on the green dragon. After that, Shu calmed down gradually and he looked better.

        “What happened?” Seth asked.

        “They’ve joined forces with somebody from the outside and stolen the Ancestral Elements!”

        “So their intention was to drive me out of the shrine!”

        Seth finally understood that those impolite folks were there to divert him from the shrine, so that their companions could enter the shrine and steal the Ancestral Elements. However, they did not know Shu was also inside the shrine. Therefore, they just ran away with a small portion of the elements. Seth stood his scepter on the ground. Eyes closed, head raised, he stretched out his arms and was murmuring another spell. A glint of red light came out from him and surrounded him. After a while, Seth opened his eyes. Beams of light came out from his eyes, but Seth did not look really angry. Instead, there was a mere trace of smile from his eyes.

        “Have you found them? Where are they?”

        As a guardian of the elements, Seth could easily sense the location of all of them, so he found the thieves in no time. However, not only did Seth not have the will to chase after it, but he also stopped Shu, who was about to leave the shrine and chase after the thieves, Shu looked at Seth in confusion.

        “Let’s see whether you could master the power of Ancestral Elements!” Seth muttered to himself.