‘Why do the Humans always place food at the side of the lake?’

        “They probably want to please you so that you’ll allow them to take water from the lake.”

        ‘They would like to use their food to exchange for water?”

        “Then what do you think? Do you still have to drive them away or kill them all?”

        ‘The lake belongs to me. Why do I need to share it with them?’

        “Hajikamiio, indeed, we are not the only creatures of the world. We have to coexist with other species anyway.

        ‘Coexist with other species...?’
        Hajikamiio and Kappa were sharing their thoughts on Humans. Obviously, Hajikamiio hated Humans for they had invaded his land and his home; on the contrary, Kappa believed that Hajikamiio should learn to coexist with Humans. This kind of symbiotic relationship could be one of mutual benefit.

        “Didn’t you also loathe my existence at the very beginning? You even made a grand gesture, hoping to drive me away; but now, I’m still enjoying my life here.”

        ‘How can you compare yourself to the Humans?

        “Haha! How am I different from them? If you can accept me, why don’t you try to get along with them as well?

        With that, Hajikamiio turned to look at the offerings of those Humans; it devoured all of them in one bite.

        ‘Um... not bad. Alright, I shall permit them to take water from here.’

        “This is what you should have done! After all, I’ll leave here someday and be carried away by the current. I just don’t want you to feel lonely.”

        ‘Only when you leave can I have a moment of silence.”

        “Later, Kappa did leave the lake as he had said, flowing away with the river current. Leaving in silence, it did not bid farewell to Hajikamiio. Kappa found his companions, and since then their whole race had settled in that stream. Yet, just as they thought that they could live a stable life from then on, their fate hit a bump in the road... The Humans were continuously expanding their towns, and their activities began affecting the stream, home of Kappa. Not only did they destroy the natural environment, they even captured Kappa’s companions and sold them to the nobles. Kappa was fortunate enough to escape from the disaster, but still, his perception of Humans had been forever changed; hatred started to fester inside him...

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