Karasutengu walked alone on a mountain. This winter was marked by a blizzard of rare intensity.

        “Teacher! Where are you?”

        The Tengus are a mysterious clan which lives atop high mountains and excels at covering their tracks. Although they are potent in wizardry and are omniscient, they only live as bystanders, observing the changes of the world...To do this, they occasionally sent Tengus down the mountain.

        Young Tengus must receive training down the mountain. This is because they may need to observe the outside when they are grown, teachers instill various knowledge into them since their childhood. Karasutengu and his classmates followed the teacher to the outskirts of the city for training. But Karasutengu got separated from his teacher and companions. Trembling, he walked alone in the mountain. The chill gave him more violent shivers, rendering him unable to spread his wings in the storm. The cold temperature began to freeze his blood. He gradually lost his strength and consciousness, and finally, he collapsed onto the white snow. He wanted to stand but his legs were exhausted; he wished to remain conscious but his strength had drained. His sight became blurred and his mind slowly faded...

        Karasutengu’s subconsciousness brought him back into the past: he was the youngest son in the family. As he was smaller than usual Tengus, he was bullied both within his family, and in the outside world. However, he neither hated the bullies nor did he wallow in self-pity; instead, he would give more effort than his peers. He believed that all will recognize his effort and value someday.

        Suddenly, a crackle sounded beside him. Regaining his consciousness, Karasutengu found that he was in a cave and was covered by layers of clothes. He no longer felt cold and his body temperature had returned to normal.

        “You finally woke.” A tender voice rang. Karasutengu looked for the source of the sound and saw a silver-haired woman clothed in light fabric sitting next to him.

        “You...saved me? Thank You.”

        The woman simply nodded, and kept staring at Karasutengu; he did not know how to react...

        “Is there something on my face?”

        “I have never seen a creature like you...what are you?”

        “I am one of the Tengus who live on top of this mountain. And you...?”

        The woman thought for a while before slowly answered, “Snow youkai, Yuki-onna. At least that is what they call me.”

        That winter, the two lonely hearts had found a companion. When the harshest parts of winter passed, Karasutengu returned to his country; yet, he would still frequently journey down the mountain to accompany Yuki-onna. She was no longer lonely, because she had finally found a companion.

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