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        Hundreds of hexagonic screens hung levitated, the light from them serving as the only light source in the dark hall. The hall did not belong to any corporeal part of this world, but it did exist in this in this realm.

        Raguel, the Keeper of this world, directed one of the screens to one of his comrade, on which the natural seashore of a certain land was playing; the waves crashed up the shore, white wash sprayed all around. “Vretiel, will the plate motion you mentioned previously trigger a tsunami as great as the one from the last time?”

        ”Earthquake.” Vretiel, the other Keeper waved his finger and sent the screen back to Raguel. The screen now showed the urban center of a city, where tall buildings abounded, and roads were filled with people and vehicles. “Epicenter.”

        “Don’t interfere.” added Vretiel as he saw Raguel frown.
        ”I’m not going to interfere.” Raguel had appeared before people in various forms to aid the ancient Sapiens in order both to enable the species’ continuation and to correct their moral values. However, after spending a long time with Vretiel, who was excessively calm and rational, Raguel could also treat the deaths and the dark side of Sapiens rationally. He would no longer try to intervene in their affairs. All he cared about was whether the earthquake would trigger a tsunami like it did last time, killing a tenth of the population.

        All of a sudden, a spot of light, which appeared especially dazzling in the darkness of the hall, flashed out from the pair’s bodies. Raguel took out the light source from the inner pocket on his clothes. It was the crucifix which all Keepers possessed, on which the gemstone representing Michael was flashing. The gemstone would not flash unless an incident that threatened the life of the Keeper had occurred.

        “Michael, danger.” Vretiel’s tone was still as flat as usual. “You go.” Having delivered the order, Vretiel turned back to the screens.

        Raguel reckoned that Keepers should not interfere with one another. However, if it concerned the lives of his companions, he could not ignore it. He would decide the extent of intervention after conducting a field investigation.

        “How annoying.” Raguel sighed and shook his head. Then, he set off.