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        The Keepers were picking weapons for themselves; then, they had to form groups of three for a competition. This was the last part of their training. Gabriel had not been able to properly handle any weapon as he was short in stature. Therefore, no one wanted to be his partner in this important trial.

        Gabriel was depressed and sat in a corner alone. Just then, Michael and Lucifer approached him.

        “Lucifer, the trial has not begun just because this guy is not yet to team up. Why don’t we take him into our team?”

        “Whatever. We need one more member anyway.”

        “But...” Gabriel was hesitating.

        Michael interrupted him, giving him no time to think. “Stop stammering! The only rule of this trial is you lose once you are knocked out. So, everything’ll be alright as long as you’re still conscious!”

        Before Michael finished speaking, the two had already taken each of Gabriel’s arms and carried him over to pick their weapons. Only long spears were left as options. Michael and Lucifer picked up the spears and twirled them with ease, but Gabriel had trouble simply holding it steady...

        At the beginning of competition, both Michael and Lucifer were in a deadlock with their own opponent. As for Gabriel, his spear had already been knocked out of his hand after just a few thrusts from his foe. Disarmed, Gabriel could only flee while his foe relentlessly pursued him, preparing to deliver the decisive strike. Michael and Lucifer wanted to help but they were tangled in fights with their own opponents, and could not get away.

        Faced with his opponent's weapon drawn at him, Gabriel was about to give up as he could not see a path. But then he recalled what Michael had told him: everything’ll be alright as long as you’re still conscious!

        “How can I not accomplish something so simple? How can I let my teammates down?” A will to fight rose inside him. At that critical moment, a light sphere was instantly formed in his hand and was flung towards his foe, instantly defeating his opponent.

        The audience cheered for Gabriel; even Michael and Lucifer were surprised and delighted. Looking at his own hand, Gabriel could not believe his eyes. All those years he had been looking for the most suitable weapon for himself; yet, he had never considered the possibility that he actually does not require a weapon. In the end, the three of them successfully passed the trial together.