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        From within the brothel came the melodious instrumental music supplemented by beautiful singing. Youthfulness remained on the singer’s face. This cute maiden was the most famous geisha in the brothel. Everyday, countless people came to hear her song, and all those present would lose themselves in her beautiful singing. When her song ended, the applause was thunderous. Even when the maiden left the stage after bowing, the cheers continued. Someone even yelled of their willingness of spending fortunes for a night of passion with her. Unfortunately, geishas only sell their skills, never their bodies. Even when she heard the call, the maiden simply turned back and smiled.

        Later on, a rich and powerful customer came to the brothel. This customer had long desired the maiden’s beauty. Hence, he combined his wealth as temptation and violence as motivation, compelling the owner of the brothel into compliance.

        That night, the maiden arrived at the customer’s room on the owner’s orders. She sang for him, and when the song ended, the maiden turned to leave, discovering that the door had been locked. Just as the maiden was pondering over the situation, the customer grabbed her from behind. Terrified by his sudden move, she hastily pushed him off. She was going to dash for help through the window, but the customer went as far as pushing her down from behind. The maiden could not fight him off, and the customer was deaf to her pleas: layer by layer, he ripped the clothes off her body...

        Her innocence having been forcibly torn from her, the maiden now stood on the bridge, expressionless. It was as if her depression had rendered her heart into dust. The maiden was born the bastard daughter of a major official in the city. To protect his reputation, he had sold the maiden to the brothel. She had lost everything and could no longer see a path forward. She readied herself, preparing to step out into the river to meet her end...

        “Woman! Would you so readily accept death?” A frivolous voice rang out from behind her, prompting her to turn around. To her surprise, the voice had come from a youkai with four horns and different-colored pupils.

        “You wouldn’t understand...No one would understand...what I have been through...”

        “Hmpf! Woman, you have the courage to die, but you don’t have the courage to face what you have to?”

        The youkai’s words sparked a flame within the maiden’s heart, igniting a wish not to die.

        “My life is without value...Then, what is the point of living?”

        “None understands the point behind their existence!” The youkai approached her before reaching out: “Perhaps that is why we exist: to find this answer.”

        The maiden felt as if she had found a floating piece of driftwood while lost in the vastness of the sea and thus, tightly gripped the youkai’s hand. The youkai pulled her right into his embrace.

        “My name is Shuten-dōji. Woman, what is your name?”

        “My name is Kyoko.”