The samurai were celebrating in a private room where the head of an azure fiend was sitting. They had been ordered here to kill youkais; now that they have finished their assignment, each samurai was rejoicing and alcohol flowed freely. Their increasing inebriation brought on growing boisterousness, bellowing: “Why has our geisha dancer still not arrived?”

        At that exact moment, the door slowly opened. A geisha dressed in a yellow kimono knelt before the samurai. “I beg your pardon, lords. I apologize for your wait.”

        “I am not paying you to talk. Come and dance for us.” The samurai yelled. The geisha’s beauty had led to greater excitement. As the geisha entered the private room and closed the door behind her, an insidious smile discreetly spread across her face.

        The geisha stared at the head of the azure fiend. Noticing this, the samurai boasted, “Don’t be afraid. We have already killed it. Now, it’s no more than a decoration!”

        The geisha stayed silent, and her gaze stayed on the decapitated head. As that samurai returned to his seat by his comrades’ side, the geisha started dancing around the head. The geisha’s dance was captivating and elegant; her hair swayed as her body moved. Then, layers of the geisha’s kimono disappeared as she danced; yet, in their place, her hair seemed to grow longer and longer. The hair danced through the air before suddenly swinging towards the troops. A simple touch from the hair at the neck immediately beheaded the samurai. Crimson blood splattered across the folding screen. The fortunate samurai who had avoided the initial attack panickedly attempted to escape. However, the geisha’s long hair had long spread throughout the whole room. Escape was impossible.

        Silence abounded; only the geisha remained in the private room, playing with the decapitated head of the fiend. At that time, calm and steady footsteps echoed from outside the door. The geisha immediately rushed forward and opened it.

        “I have killed the samurai as you have ordered, my lord.”

        “A room enveloped by crimson, and occupied by the headless... This is the sight I like to see!”

        The geisha sat quietly at the side. He focused upon the sights he saw, but had forgotten her achievements. Yet, this did not discourage her. Serving at his side already fulfilled her greatest wish. Suddenly, warmth came from above her; he was stroking her head...

        “Kyoko, well done! You have made me so happy!”

        “Thank you for your compliments, Lord Shuten-dōji.”

        He slowly walked off with the geisha following closely. When they left the brothel, they could see mutilated remains all around, and the stench of blood inundated the air. Although he was now the enemy of all, who was feared by all youkais, the geisha still stayed by his side. She had no regrets; she would serve him and protect him, blindly holding onto their romantic but maniacal relationship.

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