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        “Kenshin, this is yours. It’s hot, be careful.” A simple and honest man Hattori handed a bowl of soup to Kenshin. She took it and watched him rushing to the bonfire, but he carelessly stumbled on the ground.
        “Haha, you’re clumsy, Hattori!” A forthright girl Kojiro burst into laughter. “Kojiro, don’t be rude!” Musashi, a man with an injured right leg sitting beside her, said as he forced a smile.
t “Nonono, I’m clumsy. Thanks to Kojiro’s hunting skills, we can have a great supper tonight.” Hattori continued as he scratched his head, “I just know how to cook. That’s it.”
t “Humph! At least you’re helpful than that injured guy,” Masamune, a thin man, curled his lips. However, his words had provoked Kojiro. Feeling angry, she stood up with arms akimbo, “Who are you talking about?”
t “You know who he is.” “You——!” “Enough!” A burly man Shingen rebuked, which made Kojiro and Masamune shut up immediately. “No more infighting. Our enemies are those mad men and elves.”
t “Shingen is right! We should listen to our leader,” Hattori said as he passed the leader a soup. “I’m just your acting leader. As long as we cooperate, our wishes can come true after 28 days,” Shingen continued with a smile.
t “Yes!” Hattori kept nodding like an idiot. However, in Kenshin’s mind, she knew Shingen was not a simple man.
t “His eyes are as sharp as a knife, and he is burly. He must be a veteran of battling. I have to stay alert.”
t Kenshin pondered while drinking the soup. By the time she tasted it, she immediately spat it out and shouted, “The food is poisonous! Don’t eat!”
t Everyone stopped eating right away, and stared at the one in charge of cooking, Hattori. “What? No, I didn’t! Why did you say so!?”
t “The taste is different…” Kenshin could not explain the reason. She has been more sensitive than others since she was a child. Thanks to this gift, Kenshin has been saved from dangers.
t “Kenshin, you said the food is poisoned, but I’m still fine after drinking half of the soup. There may be a misunderstanding,” Shingen sighed. “You must be exhausted after dealing with the mad men these days. Go take a rest, okay?” He continued as he tapped Kenshin’s shoulder.
t “Alright…” Kenshin could feel that Shingen was pressuring her, so she gave up for the time being.
t At a silent night, Kenshin sprinted in the woods and arrived at a hidden cave covered by tree branches, inside which was some food gathered by the team from the abandoned village. She walked to the end of the cave and took away a handful of rice. Under the moonlight, she discovered the rice was stained with black particles. Kenshin threw it into the river to feed a shoal of fish. Afterwards, the fish was biting each other to death, leaving a pile of corpses floating on the river.
t “As expected, someone poisoned the food, but they simply wouldn’t believe me. There is only one way left.” Kenshin put the hay and tree branches on the food, then took out a flint——The flames spread and engulfed everything in the cave. At this moment, Shingen, attracted by the fire, immediately ran to the cave, trying to put out the blaze. However, the fire was too violent that he could not get in. Feeling angry, Shingen pulled Kenshin’s collar with a glare. Before long, the others arrived, eyeing the two of them under dispute.
t “Why did you burn my food?” “Because someone had poisoned it. This is the evidence.” Kenshin showed the contaminated rice on her palm to them; Kojiro put a grain of rice in her mouth and said seriously, “These are spores of poisonous mushrooms. It will create hallucination and we’ll even lose our minds if we continue eating.”
t “I just threw some rice into the river. The fish attacked each other after eating it. We’ll end up like them sooner or later.” Kenshin pointed to the corpses floating on the river.
t “But——you don’t have to burn them all!” Shingen was exasperated.
t “Right! Maybe you make up the whole story, or you’re the main culprit of all these things!” Hattori added fuel to the fire. “Believe or not, suit yourself. Now we have no food, and there are no animals nearby, which means we need to move,” Kenshin responded. “We can’t! Rash decisions will put us in danger. I object!” Shingen refuted.
t “Stay or leave. Let’s think about it tonight.” Musashi’s words calmed the members down.
t “I’ll leave anyway. I don’t trust them,” Kenshin decided. She rested under a tree a little far away from the basecamp. As she fell asleep, she sensed a strong bloodlust coming to her. Kenshin immediately jumped onto the tree.
t Swish——A sharp sickle was thrown to the place she just slept.
t She lay down on the tree and looked around, with her hand holding a jade charm——which was her mother’s relics. Now it became her weapon.
t “Listen to my order,” Kenshin whispered. The charm glittered and turned into a sharp dagger; she dashed like a flash of meteor, cutting off a row of trees in a trice. The visibility became clear.
t “Found you!” Kenshin grinned as she spotted the shadow who attacked her. She stood on the tree and dived into that assassin, who could not react to her lightning speed, and fell to the ground.
t Kenshin prevented the assassin from resisting by locking his limbs with her body. Although the assassin was masked, Kenshin soon knew his identity——
t “As expected, it’s you. Why——Ah! What!?...” Kenshin’s chest was pierced through by a sword suddenly. She turned around and stared at the man.
t “So, everything is a hoax...Cough!” Kenshin coughed up blood, spilling on her clothes, just like a blooming peony.
t “...It looks like a peony in my hometown...But I’m afraid I won’t be able to see it again…” Kenshin forced a smile, holding its jade charm and fell down.