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        In the past few months, strange serial killings happened one after another. It was very strange that every crime scene was filled with traces of set-up mechanical traps. The victims were all hurriedly walking down alleys at night when they accidentally triggered the traps that led to their death.

        The traps were of myriad designs. The complicated one comprised meshing gears tied together by coils of rope, with numerous kinds of weapons connected to the tail end of the ropes. When someone tripped over the rope, it triggered the trap. Before the stumbling person could regain his balance, a sharp blade from behind would push him deeper into the alley. As his body and limbs continued to move frantically, he would then tug at other prepared ropes inside, wheeling weapons to slash at him from all directions.

        Another simpler trap consisted of only a few ax pendulums. Though uncomplicated, people could never dodge them as the axes were designed to swing irregularly while the dim light inside the alley makes it difficult for people to see clearly. Even the police needed to stop the axes with special tools before they could reach the victim to start their investigation.

        According to the testimonies of a few witnesses, they only heard the victims’ screams, and saw the slashed corpses with no sign of the killer, except a bunny doll holding an ax nearby. Jack the Gentleman, the city’s famous detective, was entrusted by Sergeant Cuff with the investigation.

        “There is nothing in common between the cases except for the fact that the victims were all hurrying home at night. Why did the killer go through so much trouble just to randomly kill? Could it be... some sort of evil ceremony?” Sergeant Cuff said pensively as he frowned.

        “Nothing in common? Do my ears have problems or your brain does?” Jack replied after looking at the bloodstained buzzsaw stabbed into the wall.

        “... You are talking about the bunny doll that the witnesses mentioned? My subordinates have checked every corner of every crime scene, but they saw nothing that resembled a doll.”

        “My instincts tell me that it is the key to cracking these cases.” Jack observed the angle of how the blood splashed, and imagined the scenes of the victims being lacerated by sharp weapons. He grasped a moment to smile when Sergeant Cuff was not looking at him; he always enjoyed watching Cuff’s frustrated face.

        The cases could not be solved. Rumor started circulating among people that anyone who walked down an alley late at night would be killed by a bunny doll. No one knew that the “truth” actually hid inside the detective’s home.

        In Jack’s house, a bunny doll staggered out of the storeroom, dragging a huge ax.

        “It was not beautiful enough. The dying posture of the victims could be more elegant if you took account of the angle of how the body would fall in your designs.” Jack smiled as he said to the bunny doll.

        The bunny doll nodded hard. With a hideous grin on its face, it went into the storeroom to pull out a box of weapons, but flopped down after a few steps. Jack picked up the doll and channeled power into it, reinvigorating the bunny. Bringing its huge ax and the box of weapons, the bunny vanished into the gloomy alley to continue its art of death by killing indifferently.

        “It seems that I still have some time to enjoy this before it becomes ragged.” Smirking, Jack threw a ragged reindeer doll into the storeroom.