Recently, fish had been scarce: not only was the fish haul insufficient for the fishermen, it was also not enough to feed the killer whales. Living with the whales, O’Barry had been leading them in search for food along the shore. Yet, abnormal incidents frequently happened down in the deep ocean. Preoccupied with the increasingly difficult search for shoals of fish, O’Barry did not even have time to prepare his own food.
        “The busy work has kept me from having proper meals, and I’ve been visibly thinner. But, I’ve never thought that Casey would have swum so far to bring you here to help me with the work.”

        “Casey? Wait, you mean...”

        “Yes, the killer whale. It has abducted you here for me.”

        Aloha found everything he saw and heard unbelievable; while O’Barry had given him some time to ponder over whether he would stay behind to help them or shrug off from this trouble. Seemingly disregarding his age, the man simply stepped off the cliff. Peeking down below, Aloha could see him already steering a simple raft. As he put into the sea, numerous dark dorsal fins breached the shimmering sea surface — the killer whales were accompanying O’Barry to distant shores.

        Aloha clenched his fists as the sight of the killer whale opening its jaws constantly replayed in his mind. But soon, the trepidation that permeated him somehow turned into excitement. Aloha realized that this was a new source of fear that he had to overcome. Hence, Aloha promised to stay, helping O’Barry gathering wild vegetables and herbs so that he could concentrate on finding food for the whales. During this period of time, Aloha were given many chances to interact with the whales; while they never expressed any malice, he found it difficult to treat them as friends. Aloha later asked for the secret of taming killer whales. Upon hearing his request, O’Barry’s gray brows tightened into a frown. Instead of answering him, he asked if Aloha had heard of the heroic deeds of “Druids”: they utilized their power of nature both to manipulate plants and transform into beasts. It was recorded in the history that Druids had assisted kingdoms in defeating Demons; a young envoy of the Druids, together with other heroes, had even brought a moment of peace to the realm...

        “So you’re saying that you are one of the Druids too? Then how do you control the animals?”

        “Aloha, did I control you to stay with my power? You can say that I am one of the Druids, but Druids close to the ocean like me are only a fraction of creed, too small to be considered a denomination.”

        “Then how do I tame the killer whales?”

        “You don’t have to tame anyone,” said O’Barry. Aloha looked into his eyes and found him looking back. The kindness in his face drew involuntary trust from Aloha. “Aloha, what do you truly want to achieve?”

        “I want to overcome fear!”

        “There’s nothing you have to overcome, Aloha. I can teach you to be a Druid. It’s just—”

        “Teacher! Please teach me the way to tame the killer whales! I swear to the Sun that I shall never disappoint you!”

        “’ll understand someday.”

        Aloha had been learning the way of Druids from O’Barry. Being a hardworking student, he mastered the magic of nature’s fundamentals in no time. With his hand forced by Aloha’s rate of learning, O’Barry could only teach him Animal Morphing Skill in advance. It was not until now that Aloha realized O’Barry had been transforming himself into a killer whale to help the other whales. Only this way could he personally lead the whales into the deep ocean to look for shoals of fish.

        ‘I see! So that’s why I don’t need to defeat the killer whales, or to tame them. All I need to do is to merely become one of them...’

        Since then, the young Aloha became one of the Druids of ocean. Together with his teacher, they ceaselessly moved around the shores, doing everything they can to protect mother nature. During their investigation of drastically reduced fish stock, they discovered that it pertained to a mystical power affecting the ocean at present...

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