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        As a patriarch, Dumuzi needed to handle endless business affairs every day. Originally, Inanna would be there to help, but after the birth of Mesopotamia, she could not accompany him as taking care of their daughter had already occupied her. Because of that, the couple had not spent time together for a long time.

        This day, Dumuzi was taking stock of the livestock, but suddenly heard a laugh. It turned out to be Atrahasis holding Mesopotamia in his hands and teasing her. The child had a good giggle, and Inanna next to him also chuckled happily.

        “They...look like a family…” Dumuzi was sad. “The one next to Inanna should have been me instead.”

        Therefore, he made up his mind.

        “No. I have to change this situation!”

        He walked to them.

        “Atrahasis, can you please help us to take care of Mesopotamia tomorrow? Inanna will be tied up.”

        “Huh? Did I forget something?” Inanna was surprised.

        “You and I will be going to boat by the river we loved when we were young!”

        Despite only a day, he wanted to go back to the happy time they spent in their teenage years. Then he would spend some time playing with his child.

        However, just when they were about to go out the next morning, a guard reported, “Dumuzi, the barn caught fire!”

        “What? Inanna, wait for me by the river. I’ll be there soon.”

        “Alright!” Soon after, Dumuzi could finally meet her by the riverside.

        “Fortunately, the fire was not serious. Let's push the boat into the water.”

        Then, someone reported again. “Dumuzi, our caravan has gotten into a fight with the people from the western tribe. Please help!”

        “Sigh...pardon me, Inanna. I’ll be back soon.”

        “Take your time.” Inanna smiled to see him out. Then she sat down and began to squeeze the soil with water.

        By the time Dumuzi returned, the sky had already become dark.

        “Sorry, the patriarch of the western tribe insisted on holding me to talk about the deal for the next year…”

        “Never mind. Let’s go back.” Inanna shook her head with a smile.

        Dumuzi felt upset that it was a rare opportunity to be with Inanna, but he messed up.

        At night, when Mesopotamia was asleep, Inanna woke Dumuzi up silently.

        “Come with me. Don’t worry. The child won't wake up until morning.” The two came back to the riverside.

        “What are we going to do here? It’s too dark to boat.”

        “Of course we can.” Inanna took out two small boats she made of mud from the grass during the day. “See?”

        “Haha, indeed.”

        Putting the boats into the river under the moonlight, they watched them drift away side by side.

        “I remember. When we were young, we used to race on the riverside with small boats.”

        “Yes, I still remember that you’d let me win the match intentionally,” Inanna smiled.

        Inanna leaned on his shoulder. Her gentle voice was sentimental, “Dumuzi, although you’re very busy and exhausted, and you don’t have much time to spend on me, I’m happy as long as we’re together.”

        Dumuzi then held Inanna’s hands tight.

        “So am I.”

        Under the silver moonlight, their hearts were tied together again.