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        Shrieks and sounds of killing kept coming from outside the walls. The soldiers were falling back and were forced to a point which they had no way out by the Demons. The forces of Holylight City had no choice but to retreat to the gate of the city.

        “Sir, there’s no way back...” said a soldier of the defensive army desperately.

        “It’s not the moment to give up! Even if we’re dying, we shall die in glory!” the commander replied firmly.

        “But.... But I don’t wanna die yet...” a rookie sighed.

        At the moment when people were feeling hopeless, an enormous figure appeared above the battlefield. Every human and demon stopped and looked at the figure. When they figured out what that was, all human soldiers cheered together. “It’s our tutelary god!” Griffin then descended to the ground, the shock wave caused by the impact had injured and even took out many of the demonic army. Even though some of them are terrified, there are still some brave ones who charged at the Griffin. After a tough fight, Griffin had once again led the human force to victory and brought temporary peace to Holylight City. However, the beast finally fell after the battle this time, and could no longer stand up again.

        ‘So, I can no longer hang in there and guard the city until the Gods return, can I?’ Griffin thought with profound resignation. It closed its eyes slowly as the glamorous glints surrounding its body dimmed... Throughout a long period of time, Griffin had been carrying out the mission assigned to it. It had driven away greedy thieves and fended against the demonic forces invading the city. Till the last moment of its life, it had been protecting Holylight city and waiting for the Gods to return lonelily. After the death of Griffin, as people could not fight against Demons with their own strengths, they created another Griffin with its blood to guard the city.