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        In the tranquil and cozy garden, there was an unusual smell.

        “Can you...smell it?” One of the fruit elves Green Apple broke the silence.

        “I smell something weird.” Cherry took a few deep breaths.

        “This scent...I guess it’s from the new elf,” said Blueberry.


        “New elf…” All the elves gave a poker face.

        The new elf they were talking about was Durian. It was supposed to be a good thing to have a new friend, but the smell of Durian...To be honest...he smelt like rotten.

        “Should we ask him to take a bath and get rid of that stink?” Cherry proposed.

        “But he has a big thick…” Banana blushed.

        “A mace! That’s a mace!” Mangosteen yelled. Not only did Durian look ferocious, but he had a dangerous mace with him, making him look like he was always ready for a fight.

        “If we piss him off, will he smash us into jam?” Green Apple was worried.

        “But…” Blueberry paused as he looked at the gloomy flowers in the garden. “I think his smell is affecting Master’s flowers.”

        Never let the flowers get affected, this was the bottom line of the elves.

        “Alright! We’re greater in number! Let’s talk to Durian!”

        The elves then went to the south of the garden, where they saw Durian was napping.

        “What now...You go talk to him!”

        After arguing for a while, the elves eventually sent Mangosteen to do the talking.

        “Why me!?”

        “Because pretty girls are more convincing! Just go!”

        Urged by the elves, Mangosteen went over to Durian.


        “Huh?” Durian glared at Mangosteen. “What do you want?”

        “No-no-no...Nothing…” Mangosteen couldn’t help herself not to stare at Durian’s mace. “I...I just wanna tell you…”

        “Tell me what?” Durian grabbed his mace.

        “AHHH! Don’t! I’m sorry to bother you!” Mangosteen chickened out immediately.

        “Are you okay? Did he hurt you…” Banana asked about Mangosteen’s well-being.

        “That guy grabbed his weapon when he disagreed with me!” Mangosteen was terrified.

        “What should we do…” Peeping through the bushes, Cherry saw Durian practicing punches.

        The topless Durian sweated a lot with this hot weather, making his odor even more intense.

        “We must do something. Cherry, it’s your turn now!”

        “No way…”

        “Green Apple will go with you!”

        Pushed out of the bushes by the elves, Cherry and Green Apple reluctantly approached Durian.

        “Well…” The moment Green Apple spoke, Durian’s gaze suddenly became ferocious, throwing a slap at Green Apple.


        Cherry reacted fast enough to pull Green Apple away before Durian smashed him into puree.

        “AHHHHHH──!” The sudden attack scared the hell out of them, who ran back to the bushes as fast as they could.

        “This is insane! He was trying to kill me!” Green Apple was still overwhelmed by the near-death experience.

        “That murderous aura...It’s not a joke…” Cherry pressed her chest, calming herself down.

        “This is not good...Looks like force is necessary since he can’t be reasoned,” said Blueberry the big brain of the garden. He pondered and suggested, “why don’t we make some deodorant with what we have in the garden?”

        “I think we can strip him naked while he’s asleep. Then we can shower him properly!” Banana raised her arm and said, “if we go together, He’ll be wet in a second!”

        “Stop that ambiguity…” Mangosteen was disturbed.

        “Speaking of showering, how about the spring next to the garden? The water is cool and soothing,” a strange voice spoke.

        “Hmm, looks like we’ve come up with a decision then. After all, he stinks,” Blueberry agreed with a nod.

        “By the way...Who stinks?” The strange voice spoke again.

        This voice did not belong to any elves around. Everybody then looked over to the sound source──the voice speaking right above them.

        Durian was staring at the elves from above.

        “What are you guys doing here?”

        “AHHHH──! Don’t kill us──!”

        The elves fled in a panic; Before Blueberry could run far, he was caught by a pair of strong arms.

        “Stop! Where the hell are you going!?” Durian yelled.

        “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to talk behind your back!” Blueberry apologized with a bow.

        “So it’s me who stinks…” Durian sniffed himself and laughed out loud. “HAHAHA! I’m sorry!”

        Aware of his body odor, Durian headed towards the spring, undressed and took a bath in front of everyone.

        “Oh wow...Look at his abs...Durian is hot…” Banana blushed again.

        Everyone started talking to Durian after his bath, and they finally realized that Durian was actually trying to smack a mosquito next to Green Apple earlier in the day.

        This encounter taught the elves not to judge a book by its cover, for Durian was actually pretty kind in spite of his intimidating appearance.

        And that was how the fruit elves got a new pal.