“Our harvests has halved compared to last year. We do not have enough reserves!”

        “Also, disease is spreading in the north. If we do not control it, it will run amok throughout the city!”

        “Furthermore, Neti’s home has exploded again.”

        Nisaba’s report had left Dumuzi, the man seated at the room’s obvious position of power, frowning.

        “We have reports!” At this moment, a guard from outside yelled. Inanna looked to Dumuzi for his approval before signaling the guard to enter.

        “What is it?” Inanna asked curiously upon seeing the guard’s panic.

        “There is a surge of beasts outside the city, and it is moving very quickly!” Unnerved, the guard stammered out what was happening outside.

        “No need to fear! I will handle this!” With that, Ninurta headed out.

        Dumuzi trusted Ninurta; he knew that Ninurta’s sickle could defend the city well. Now, he must think of a way to deal with the problems at hand. Dumuzi turned to Atrahasis, hoping for some insightful input. Yet, he suddenly recalled what Namtar had said before departing: ‘Fate is draining the lives of people. Dumuzi, you cannot work against fate.’

        With Anu’s departure, Dumuzi understood that he must lead the Human race onward. He had gathered all the Humans together. It did not matter whether they lived socially or in solitude; he sought them all. Dumuzi understood that without Ancient Gods, Humans have lost what they relied upon most. They must unite.

        Dumuzi also understood that without a system in place to govern their actions, Humans would be doomed to walk toward their own extinction. Hence, he gathered all of Anu’s students together, granting each dominion over various Human activities. Ninurta was responsible for defense and Inanna was responsible for internal affairs. Furthermore, ancestral beings who had demonstrated outstanding skills were given positions by Dumuzi. This way, Humans can have a better future. Unfortunately, there was one man that Dumuzi could never understand — Namtar. Spouting his talk of fate all the time, Namtar’s actions were deemed potentially harmful to their clan of Humans, even if it was not so today. Hence, he had expelled Namtar, believing that he was acting in their best interests. Yet, what Dumuzi did not realize was that only Namtar could see “fate” clearly.

        “Dumuzi... Dumuzi...” Inanna gently tapped Dumuzi on the arm.

        “Sorry, my mind wandered off,” Dumuzi said apologetically.

        “So, we shall act in accordance with Atrahasis’ suggestion. That’s all for today.” With that, Dumuzi turned to leave. Watching him from behind, all Inanna could do was sigh.

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