’I’m sorry, but I need it more than anyone…It’s the only weapon that can surpass my father’s blades and save him.’ She was determined to rescue her father, even if she had to make a deal with the devil. She knew she was not skilled enough at smithing to forge a sword comparable to her father’s...In other words, she would be facing enemies using swords forged by her father. She hoped to learn the divine smithing technique by studying the structure of Excalibur thoroughly.

        Galahad forged a fake Excalibur overnight and gave it to Arthur, so that she could keep the real one to study. After successfully deceiving Arthur, she closed her shop to concentrate on studying Excalibur. She drew every part of Excalibur's sheath on a parchment with detailed annotations. As she tried to pulled the blade out to study it, she realized it was stuck no matter how hard she pulled. As she floundered for a solution, loud knocking came from the door. She would have ignored them, but they became louder and louder. She sighed and got out of her workshop to answer the door.

        The moment Galahad opened the door, a few armored soldiers charged into the shop without asking. ‘What are you doing?’ exclaimed Galahad. The leader took his helmet off and said, ‘We heard the fugitive Arthur was here,’ he leaned in and said to her. She noticed their armors were branded with Mordred’s emblem, so she lied, ‘Fugitive? What are you talking about.’ ‘Really? Someone witnessed Arthur and her party were hanging in your shop. Where have you hidden them?’ ‘Th-they’re not here anymore! They went out of town!’

        The leader sneered and straightened up. ‘Well, then we must searched through your place to see if they’ve left any traces here!’ ‘Wait!’ Galahad had forgotten to hide Excalibur before she came out. She tried to stop them from searching, but a soldier slapped her and she fell to the ground. Pain spread on her cheek. Her eyes filledwith tears, but she tried not to let them fall, because it would be shameful to let them see her cry. A royal soldier stepped up to the leader solemnly and said, ‘Leader, we’ve found something...!’ Another soldier carried Excalibur to the leader. ‘We’ve found Excalibur.’ ‘Excellent! Fruitful rewards await us if we bring it back to Master Mordred! Good job, all of you!’ The leader grabbed Excalibur. Galahad’s face went pale as the worst thing she could imagine had just happened.

         ’Bring Excalibur to Master Mordred!’ ‘Yes, sir!’ As the leader turned around, he found his leg seized by something, and was unable to move an inch. He lowered his head and saw Galahad holding his leg desperately. ‘I’ll never let Excalibur fall into Mordred’s hands! He doesn’t deserve the throne!’ ‘How dare you!’ The leader kicked Galahad to the side of the road. ‘You just don’t learn, do you…’ The leader strolled to her and raised his blade. Death was about to descend upon Galahad, but pain had immobilized her body. She closed her eyes to embrace her end…

        In darkness, the pain Galahad was expecting did not come. Instead, she heard the leader’s screaming voice, ‘H-how is this possible…? This was made by the greatest of smiths!’ ‘Are you alright?’ A familiar voice said to Galahad. She opened her eye and saw the gleam of silvery armor, the silvery sword she had forged and a broken sword on the ground. Arthur walked to Galahad and yelled, ‘You sneaky rat! You forged a fake Excalibur and replaced mine! Excalibur can’t be drawn without Star Stones. You should know best as a bladesmith.’ Galahad looked up. She was surrounded by Arthur and her friends, who were protecting her. Warmth emerged in her heart. She said with a sobbing voice, ‘I’m sorry...Arthur, Lancelot, I’m sorry…’ Arthur sighed and wiped her tears away. She entrusted Galahad to Tristan and said, ‘I’ll leave her to you.’ ‘I got this.’ Then Arthur walked to Lancelot’s side and pointed her sword at the royal soldiers. ‘You bunch of jerks! Hand over my Excalibur!’ ‘In your dreams!’ The leader raised his hands, and all of the soldiers charged at Arthur and Lancelot.

        ’Get out of my way, Monkey! I alone am enough to wipe them out.’ ‘I doubt it!’ Lancelot and Arthur leapt forward, followed by Gawain and Merlin as support. In the blink of an eye, all of the soldiers were knocked out, except the one holding Excalibur tight in his arms. ‘Let go or I’ll chop your arms off.’ ‘W-wait!’ Lancelot ignored the leader’s begging and swung his sword. The leader’s screaming resounded through the city…

        Arthur and her party continued their journey. Before they left, Arthur stroked Galahad’s head again and said gently, ‘Don’t ever deceive anyone again!’ ‘I said don’t treat me like a kid!’ Watching them walk away brought loneliness to Galahad. She pondered her feelings and grabbed her toolkit. ‘Wait for me! I’m coming with you guys!’

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