To earn funds to rebuild the shop, Tristan led people around the countryside as a tour guide using his extraordinary sense of orientation. Today, as he led his group to explore unknown areas, he heard a girl arguing with an adolescent. Out of curiosity, he slowly approached them.

        ’I already told you it was not a shortcut. You monkey just couldn’t listen. Now we’re lost!’ Humph! You’ll praise my sixth sense the moment we walk out of this jungle!’ A girl with shiny blonde hair and a boy in armour were quarrelling intensely. Behind them was a veiled woman, looking troubled. ‘Lost people again…’ thought Tristan. He stepped up to them and said, ‘If you have full knowledge of this jungle, you can say it’s a shortcut; otherwise, I’m afraid it’ll take more than months to get out.’ ‘And you are?’ asked the girl. ‘Tristan. I work as a tour guide in the city. Is there a place you want to go to? I can guide you there.’

        On their way to the city, Tristan learned that the girl’s name was Arthur, the adolescent was Lancelot, and the woman was Merlin. He invited them to his shop to rest. The burnt door remained closed. Tristana lived under the scorched rubble. It reminded him of his misery whenever he came home. He turned away, trying to forget what Mordred had done to him.

        What happened here? It must’ve been a hell of a fire,’ asked Arthur casually, even as Merlin and Lancelot nudged her so she would keep quiet. ‘I thought even a monkey would have a brain. You wouldn't have asked such an insensitive question if you did.’ Lancelot sighed. Merlin nodded in agreement. ‘Are you calling me stupid?’ Arthur glared at Lancelot. As they were about to begin another quarrel, Tristan began to talk about his past, his missing parents, his efforts running the shop alone in hopes of seeing them again, and his fateful visit from Mordred and how he burned his shop. Recalling that he had failed to protect his family property, his voice trembled.

        Arthur stood up and yelled, ‘Mordred that jerk! How could he ruin someone’s life without hesitating! It’s unforgivable!’ She drew her sword and swore, ‘In the name of Excalibur, I’ll root out Mordred from his power!’ ‘Excalibur?’ A familiar name sparked Tristan’s memory. He gawked at the girl’s sword. She crouched down and asked nervously, ‘You’ve heard of Excalibur? Do you know anything about Star Stones? They look like this,’ she said as he took out a sky-blue stone. But Tristan could not care less about Excalibur and the throne. He only knew that Star Stones had brought him nothing but misery. Rage burnt in his heart. He yelled, ‘All you care about are Star Stones and the throne! Are these all that matter in the world?’ He locked himself in his room no matter how much they apologised. Moments later, it became silent again outside

        When Tristan calmed down, he understood what he had done was a bit too much. As he stood up, intending to look for Arthur and her friends to apologise, knocks came from the door. He opened the door and found them holding piles of maps. ‘Are these…?’ ‘We bought them from map shops in the city. These maps were all crafted in your shop,’ Arthur handed him the maps they had collected and continued, ‘These are a token of thanks for your help and an apology for what I did I made the same mistake Mordred did. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.’ Tristan unscrolled one of the maps and found his father’s signature wax seal. He cried in joy and said, ‘Thank you.’

        Most of Tristan’s parents’ maps were still missing, but it was a relief to him that some were still readable. He spread out every map nervously and checked them carefully. Fortunately, they were mostly intact. Merlin pointed at a map and said, ‘There. It’s not a jungle anymore. It’s now Magic Academy.’ ‘Really?’ ‘Not only that,’ said Lancelot pointing at a castle, ‘This castle collapsed long ago.’ Tristan was surprised and excited at the same time. He did not realize the realm had changed so much since his parents went missing.

        The next morning, Tristan packed up and decided to follow Arthur and her friends’ on their journey. ‘Can’t bear to see us go, huh?’ Arthur said with a smile. ‘I have a feeling it’ll be fun. Besides, I want to draw a brand new map for everyone,’ Tristan said with confidence and smiled. He hoped to find his parents on the way.

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