Bedivere and Arthur lived in a remote village. She taught Arthur the art of sword and a wide range of knowledge. She never told anyone about Arthur’s identity. Bedivere tried her best to provide a normal life for Arthur, but the destiny of kingship was inevitable. She had to confess the truth in the end.

        Arthur went to the palace alone to avenge her father despite Bedivere’s worry. Bedivere went after Arthur, but before she could catch up with her, Arthur met with Mordred, King Accolon’s son and her father's murderer, and got into a fight with the royal soldiers! In the end, Bedivere witnessed Mordred kick Arthur into the river and she herself was captured by Mordred' (it is Bedivere getting captured, not Arthur, am I correct

        Bedivere was dressed in old rags and cuffed to the wall. Whip marks covered her skin. It had been days since she had been captured. She hadn't had water the entire time, and she felt her lips cracking. The only things keeping her sane were her promise to King Uther and her unbreakable willpower. The metal door opened. She could tell it it was that wicked man just by his footsteps.

        ’So? Ready to talk today?’ sneered Mordred. Bedivere remained silent. ‘Good. It’s no fun if you give up so soon.’ He gripped the jailer's whip and lashed her repeatedly. She kept her head low and stay silent no matter how hard Mordred swung the whip. He raised her chin, and Bedivere glared into his eyes. He said with a smile, ‘What a waste. You could’ve made good use of your talent.’ The next thing he knew, Bedivere spit blood in his face. He wiped his face and slapped her, yelling, ‘You asked for this!’ Endless whipping continued to torture her until Mordred became exhausted.

        The next day, a jailer unlocked Bedivere’s cuffs and took her away to the entrance of the room, where dazzling light blinded her. After she was pushed to the ground, she found herself in an open area surrounded by walls. As her eyes adapted to the sunlight, she realized she was in a pit that was built to provide entertainment for the nobility. ’Time to bet. Will this former royal guard or…’ the gate on the other side ascended, ‘this strong lion survive the duel?’ A
ferocious lion crawled out of the gateway!

        The lion bared its claws and leapt towards Bedivere! She stared into the lion’s eyes and steadily stepped back towards the walls. As the lion was about to reach her, she slipped underneath it. The lion bumped into the wall and rolled over in pain. Bedivere smiled with confidence as she wiped her forehead. As the lion regained strength and tried to pound her again, she took a handful of sand and threw it towards the lion’s eyes and nose. The lion shook its head with a pained roar. She hopped onto its back and stroked its hair and stomach. Moments later, the lion stopped roaring and indulged in her massage. The crowd gawked.

         ’How’s that possible?’ exclaimed the knight guarding Mordred. Mordred ordered all of the soldiers to catch Bedivere and dozens of soldiers poured into the pit. ‘Sorry. I know you had to obey them, but you’ll never live a free life staying here. Why don’t you help me out of here instead?’ The lion lay down and Bedivere mounted it. As the lion charged towards one of the exits, the soldiers in its way spread out in fear.

        Bedivere rode back to her house. She packed up and set out on her journey to find Arthur. ‘Arthur, stay safe…’ She hopped on the lion’s back and charged towards a neighbouring city.

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