Gawain sat in the confessional the whole night. The silence helped him think about what Lancelot had said. He murmured to himself, ‘What it takes to face my faults…?’ He burst into laughter and closed his eyes. He recalled the moment he became a juvenile knight...It was a breezy day with warm sunlight. Gawain and Lancelot kneeled waiting for King Uther to confer knighthood onto them. Warmth spread on Lancelot’s head, he looked up and found King Uther smiling. His smile was so bright it could cast away darkness and bring eternal brilliance to his heart. Lancelot had not known it would be the first and last time he would meet King Uther again…

        Screaming came from outside, pulling Gawain back to reality. He quickly ran out of the room and found a blonde girl leading several women to break into the church. As they went in, they nervously locked the door. The girl stepped up to Gawain. Her bright blonde hair and emerald eyes caught Gawain’s attention and reminded him of King Uther. ‘ to hide?’ The girl's voice brought Gawain back from his memories. ‘What?’ ‘Is there place for us to hide?’ ‘There’s a secret room beneath the statue, but it’s not enough to hide so many.’ ‘That means this is our last stand…’

        Loud clanks came from outside, sending the women and children into panic. The girl drew her sealed sword from its sheath and said gently, ‘Worry not. I promise I’ll keep you all safe and sound.’ She stood up and told Gawain, ‘I’ll leave them to you.’ She walked to the door. As she was about to unlock it, Gawain seized her and said, ‘It’s dangerous outside! It’s not worth it!’ ‘I can't leave them to die just because I'm scared? I don’t deserve Excalibur if I do that.’ The girl smiled brightly at Gawain and the people. She raised her sword and rushed through the door towards the royal soldiers.

        The clanking of blades resounded through the field. The women and children behind prayed for the girl and the warriors fighting for them. Gawain sat there doing nothing. When he was small, he heard of the legend of Excalibur, but he did not believe it. ‘Excalibur, also known as the proof of kingship. Is she going to ascend the throne?’ He burst into laughter at the thought that this girl might inherit King Uther’s will or even exceed his deeds. He walked into the confessional and took his weapon out of a secret drawer. He wiped away the dust on it and said to the crowd, ‘Wait here. It’ll end soon.’ Gawain pushed the door open. The Sun was rising in the horizon. The earth gleamed in daylight. He smiled as the sunlight granted him immense power…

        Gawain took the weapon and defeated several royal soldiers in the blink of an eye. He moved swiftly through streets and knocked out every soldier on the way and told civilians to hide in the church. He searched for the girl. At last he found her on the main street, captured. Gawain dared not to do anything reckless…’You all aimed for me. Let the innocent go!’ Arthur yelled at the soldiers. ‘Are you dumb? If what happened today came into public, it will be a disaster for Master Mordred! Worry not, we’ll make it clean and quick. They won’t feel any pain.’ ‘You monsters…!’ The girl struggled to no avail.

        Right at that moment, Gawain leapt at the soldier holding the girl, but another soldier sneaked up on him! As he was about to raise his sword, the soldier froze and fell to the ground. Behind him was a familiar person. ‘Got rusty, huh? You haven’t fought for a while.’ ‘I knew it was you.’ Lancelot and Gawain fought back to back. ‘I’ve missed the old days.’ Gawain smiled; ‘Humph! Try to keep up!’ They charged at the soldiers together. The number disadvantage seemed irrelevant. Moments later, the general fell to the ground. The rest ran for their lives. ‘You’re strong as usual.’ ‘Of course. Same goes to you.’ They stared at each other and smiled. ‘Erm...Can someone untie me, please?’ said the girl in a sulky pout.

        After the girl was untied, she smiled and said to Gawain, ‘Thank you! We would’ve lost if it weren’t for you.’ He saw King Uther’s figure for a moment. The same bright smile warmed his heart once again…’If it wasn’t for the monkey, I could’ve wiped them out effortlessly.’ ‘Don’t blame me for your poor skills!’ Gawain ignored their yelling. He kneeled, grabbed the girl’s hand and kissed it. ‘You-I-what…’ As she panicked. Gawain said, ‘My strength, my life. They’re all yours, Arthur.’ Lancelot’s heart ached seeing her blushing face. He pushed them away from each other and said to Gawain, ‘That’s a hell of a girl you’ve picked.’ ‘Are you talking about yourself?’ Their eyes sparked as they glared at each other. ‘What’s happening?’ Arthu asked in confusion.

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