Lancelot followed the girl and the woman, but lost them after a while. As he jerked his head around, a girl’s voice said in his ear, ‘Are you stalking us?’ ‘Are you dumb? This road belongs to the public. Everyone can walk on it.’ ‘You…!’ Lancelot and the girl stared at each other. The woman stepped up to them and said, ‘Relax. I’m Merlin. That grumpy girl is Arthur.’ ‘Lancelot.’ ‘Lancelot...Sounds like a sissy.’ Arthur smiled brightly. Lancelot retaliated, ‘Well...A sissy is more educated than a m-o-n-k-e-y.’ ‘You wanna fight?’ Arthur threw her fist at Lancelot, but not once did she hit him.’ Merlin said with a smile, ‘ You guys seem pretty close.' Arthur and Lancelot yelled at the same time, ‘Not at all!’

         As they were walking through the forest, Lancelot asked Arthur about her sword. It was Excalibur. To draw it out of the sheath, they needed 5 Star Stones to break break the seal. ‘But we have no idea where it is…’ Lancelot smiled and said, ‘Star Stones? I know where one of them is.’

        ’Really?’ Excited for what Lancelot said, Arthur leaned towards him excitedly. He turned his face away shyly and said, ‘Yes. A rich merchant is looking for it. He sent his search team for it multiple times to no avail. He made a deal with me. If I get him a Star Stone, he’ll grant me his rare sword. Then he gave me the map locating the Star Stone…’ Lancelot took the map out, spread it on the floor and said ‘The Star Stone should be kept in a temple somewhere around this forest.’ ‘I’m full of energy!’ Arthur straightened up to her feet, pointed at Lancelot and said, ‘The Star Stone is mine!’ He shrugged…

        Following the map, they found the temple effortlessly. In the middle, they found the Star Stone. There was nothing guarding it. Things were going too smoothly. Merlin stayed at a distance as Arthur and Lancelot tiptoed to the Star Stone. Suddenly, Arthur triggered some kind of mechanism, and countless arrows flew at them from everywhere! Merlin managed to bring down most of the arrows; Lancelot and Arthur quickly jumped away. The next thing they knew, the golems in the corridor started to raise their weapons! Arthur and Lancelot dodged their attacks and sprinted to the Star Stone. When they reached it, the mechanism finally stopped.

        Arthur and Lancelot ran to the Star Stone. Suddenly, Lancelot sensed something dangerous from above! He looked up and found several archers standing on the pillars, descending along ropes. They pointed their arrows at Arthur…’Watch out!’ Lanceout drew his sword and flicked away all the arrows. ‘This badge...belongs to Mordred!’ exclaimed Arthur. She never expected he would send assassins after her. Losing in numbers, Lancelot seized Arthur and yelled, ‘Grab the Star Stone!’ ‘But…’ ‘Get out of my way!’ He slashed at the assassin sneaking in behind Arthur’s back and blocked several blows from others.

        After Arthur walked away. Lancelot’s face twisted in excitement. His eyes gleamed in thirst of blood. ‘Now the monkey is gone, it’s time to enjoy myself.’ As he swung his sword, a dozen assassins fell to the ground. As his sword glided through their necks, blood dyed the floor red. The other assassins fired arrows at Lancelot, who calmly cut the arrows into halves. He grabbed the arrowheads and cast them back into the shooters’ heads. In the blink of an eye, the corridor was painted red. The remaining two assassins ran for their lives, but Lancelot chopped them into pieces and said, ‘There’s no escape in this game.’

        The bright red reminded Lancelot of his past—standing in the middle of the red battlefield covered in piles of corpses...At that moment, he heard someone walking behind him. He pointed his sword behind. It was Arthur. ‘ okay?’ He took a deep breath and smiled, ‘A monkey couldn’t have survived that.’ ‘I shouldn’t have asked! Just die already!’ Arthur handed the Star Stone to Lancelot, who was confused by her act. He asked, ‘Why are you…’ ‘If not for me, you would’ve obtained it easily. It belongs to you.’ As he grabbed the Stone, intending to thank her, Arthur said with a confident smile, ‘Worry not. I’ll beat you and take it back very soon!’ Lancelot smiled and stroked her head. ‘I’m looking forward to it, Monkey.’ Arthur yelled as her face turned red, ‘I told you not to call me that!’

        Since then, Lancelot continued his company with Arthur and Merlin. ‘You got the Star Stone. Why are you still here?’ mocked Arthur. While playing with the stone, he replied with a smile, ‘I can’t wait to take the assault from the monkey.’ ‘Who’s going to assault you, pervert! I’ll challenge you to a fight fair and square!’ Merlin grinned and said, ‘You guys seem pretty close.' ‘No!’ Arthur and Lancelot yelled at the exact same time and continued squabbling...

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