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        Arthur and Bedivere sat in their cabinet. Tense silence filled the air. ‘What do you mean by the truth?’ Arthur broke the silence. Bedivere sighed and raised her head. ‘You real name is Arthur Pendragon, the former king’s daughter. You were the only heir. Your uncle sent assassins intending to take the lives of you and your father. I rescued you and ran here away from the palace. I taught you sword art and knowledge, hoping you’d grow up to be independent. I hid your past and burned everything related to your royalty to give you another chance to live a normal life. It ensured your safety.’

        ’I’m...King Uther’s daughter? And the current king murdered my father…?’ Bedivere nodded. Arthur’s heart overflowed with fury. She slammed the table, stood up, picked up Bedivere’s sword and headed to the door, only to be seized by Bedivere. ‘It’s a suicide if you go to the palace alone!’ Arthur gradually calmed down. Bedivere released her hand and said gently, ‘Your father would want you to lead a happy life.’ ‘Yes. I get it.’ Arthur dropped the sword, but her eyes remained locked on it.

        After Bedivere fell as sleep, Arthur tiptoed to the sword and left their cabinet to the palace. Hatred filled her mind. She charged on a horse to revenge her father.

        ’By sunrise, Arthur had traveled a long way without resting. Her horse had reached its limit and could not run any further. She led the horse to the river for a rest. There she met an adolescent leading numerous royal soldiers. Looking closer, she noticed he had the royal emblem on his collar.

        ’Hey, you! Take me to Accolon!’ She yelled at him. ‘How dare you call the great king by his name.’ ‘Accolon murdered King Uther to snatch the throne. I won’t recognize a murderer as the king!’ Her accusation triggered the adolescent, who slapped her cheek heavily. She fell. Her red cheek tingled in pain. He thought it should be enough to make her surrender, so he crouched down and said, ‘Kneel before me. Or I won’t forgive you.’ Suddenly a slap was given to him.

        To the adolescent’s surprise, Arthur slapped his face. ‘I’d rather die than surrender to Accolon’s obedient lackey!’ ‘You! Even my parents have never beat me in my life! Guards, get her!’ ‘Yes, Your Majesty!’ As two royal soldiers charged trying to capture Arthur, two daggers glided through the forest into the soldiers’ heads. A woman jumped out of the bush and knocked down a few more soldiers! She stood in the front of Arthur to guard her. ‘Bedivere?’ ‘We’ll talk later. Let’s get out of here first.’

        Dozens of royal soldiers swarmed towards Bedivere and Arthur. As they defended each other’s back against the horde, Arthur’s sword was flicked away by a soldier’s spear! Bedivere yelled to stop Arthur but she did not listen. She tried to pick up her sword, but froze as she saw a soldier had pointed his spear at Bedivere’s neck. ‘Let her go!’ When Arthur raised her sword, the soldier twitched his hand and the spear-tip pierced Bedivere’s skin. A drop of blood dripped down her pale neck…

        Mordred pointed his sword at Arthur and said, ‘Fight me! If you win, I’ll let her go. If you lose, you’ll become my slave.’ ‘Run, Arthur! Leave me behind!’ Arthur glanced at Bedivere and clutched her sword. She replied firmly, ‘If I can’t even protect you, how could I revenge my father?’ Mordred thought his plan was working. He raised his sword and rushed towards Arthur, who had been exhausted from the previous battles. She could barely block the attack. Mordred noticed that her hands were trembling, so he deliberately aimed at her wrists. Her hand lost strength from pain, and she dropped her sword. However, Mordred did not stop attacking. He enjoyed watching Arthur dodge back and forth.

        ’I must protect Bedivere,’ thought Arthur. Her resolve gathered energy in her hands, where a lightsabre appeared. Everyone gawked at it. ‘Impossible! I’m destined to be the king! Even Excalibur won’t change that!’ Mordred went mad and swung his sword at Arthur relentlessly. He continued until Arthur was cornered at the cliff above a waterfall…Mordred’s ceaseless attack left her no time to breathe. She felt her strength exhausted and her limbs weak. He grinned and kicked her waist, knocking her off balance, and she fell off the cliff…’I can’t die here!’ Arthur shoved her sword into the stone wall to decelerate in the mid-air. However, Excalibur suddenly dimmed and she dropped into the waterfall.

        Arthur climbed out of the water. She noticed that Excalibur had turned back into an ordinary sabre. It was stuck in its sheath no matter how hard she pulled. She wondered why...