A man and a girl had a face-off on the great plains. The wind blew in gusts, whiffing their sleeves.
        “Musashi, this time I’ll beat you!” The shorter girl Kojiro pointed an unusual claymore at the burly man Musashi. Pulling out the dual blades on his waist, Musashi wore a smile and said, “I’m looking forward to what kind of a surprise you’ll bring me.”
        Both of them adopted an attacking stance, tightening the muscles all over their bodies; they remained calm and alert to each other with five senses, just waiting for a signal...At this moment, a leaf was falling down between them. By the time it touched the ground, they charged towards each other with lightning speed. Musashi did a crosscut using his right blade; Kojiro dodged it with a front flip and stepped on its ridge. He countered by flicking backhanded; Kojiro gave a leg sweep immediately after a jump, but failed to hit Musashi. It was a neck and neck duel. The shockwaves given out by their blades had blown off a cloud of dust and shaken the leaves, scaring off the animals nearby. However, the only thing they cared about was the battle, and they treated each other as a rival.
        “Hahaha! You’re are great fun to battle with!” Musashi said pleasantly while waving his blades. Although Kojiro could block the attacks, she clearly lost the upperhand. “I won’t lose! Take this!” she smiled with a pair of determined eyes.
        Kojiro went all out to swing the claymore. When she was about to advance, a strong light hit the ground from the sky, devouring everything nearby, including both of them.
        “What’s going on with the light? I can’t see anything!” “Calm down Kojiro! Close your eyes and remain alert.”
        As the light faded, they opened their eyes. “Where is this place?” Kojiro asked in amazement. They found themselves on a seaside, which was totally different from where they were before. The clear sky had turned gloomy. Both of them were stunned by such sudden change.
        Musashi shook his head as if to clear the puzzle in the mind. As he turned around, someone charged at them with a blade suddenly! Musashi turned sideways to dodge the attack, but he saw another person was sneaking up on Kojiro and tried to stab her in the back. Musashi gritted his teeth, twisted his ankle and spinned around to avoid the blade edge. At the same time, he threw a knife to the assassin who approached Kojiro, which pierced through the target successfully. As soon as she was wide awake, she saw Musashi kneel on the ground, then Kojiro immediately fended off the assassin behind him.
        “Are you okay?” “Yes, still alive, but…” Musashi was touching his swollen right ankle, frowning at a body in front of him——who was a ferocious mad man.
        “What is this monster...Darn it! We’re surrounded!”
        Musashi looked around and found a swarm of mad men approaching. “How dare you ambush us! Die you all!” Kojiro pulled out her weapon and protected Musashi.
        She went all out to fend off the mad men; Musashi also endured the pain to cover Kojiro. However, they were outnumbered. Soon, the two were exhausted, and being driven into a corner. All of a sudden, there were two figures coming up and repelling those mad men.
        “Are you alright?” a man Shingen asked.
        “I’m fine, but Musashi was injured——” “No, I can still move!”
        “We don’t have time to talk. They’re regrouping. Let’s run!” a girl Kenshin urged as she killed the mad men with her dagger. Four of them broke through the enemies and went straight towards a hidden cave in the woods.
        “Are you participants?” Shingen asked after getting his breath.
        “Participants? What are you talking about?” Kojiro answered. Compared to this, she was more concerned about Musashi, who looked pale sitting on the ground.
        “Musashi, you don’t look good.” “...Well actually it’s bad,” Musashi responded as he touched the swollen right ankle. “The wound is severe. I can’t believe you can still run...” Kenshin said after taking a look.
        “It’s dangerous to leave you two here...How about joining our team? Then we can take care of each other. How is it?” Shingen suggested.
        “Well…” Kojiro’s eyes lingered on Shingen and Kenshin.
        “We would have been killed without their help...Now Musashi is wounded and we know nothing about this place. I can't protect him alone…”
        “Alright! We’re in,” Kojiro agreed to join the team. She carried Musashi and followed Shingen and Kenshin to their basecamp. Watching the flames of a bonfire, the restless feeling inside her had slightly relieved.
        “Never mind. I’ll find a way back and continue my battle with Musashi!” Kojiro clenched her fist.

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