After running out of the cave, Komatsuhime encountered Oichi, Nobunaga’s sister. Komatsuhime tried to revenge her dead husband, but she was defeated by Oichi’s companion. As Komatsuhime thought she would be killed, Yukimura saved her life again. But this time, he was seriously injured. In order to avoid Oichi’s pursuit, Komatsuhime carried Yukimura to a burning forest, and then escaped to the other side.
        “I guess the fire won’t spread to here.” Komatsuhime slowed down her pace. At the same time, Yukimura was exhausted and fainted.
        “Yukimura!” Komatsuhime called his name anxiously, but she had no response from him. Looking around, she found a hidden place under a boulder. Although her hands were painful due to the scald, she tried hard to endure it. Komatsuhime put him down and checked his bleeding wounds.
        “Water...I need water…” Yukimura groaned with pain. “Don’t worry. You should be fine,” Komatsuhime choked with sobs as she touched his face.
        “You’ve been protecting me all along. Now it’s my turn. I won’t let you die!”
        Then, Komatsuhime carried Yukimura to the forest. She listened carefully by closing her eyes. There were frogs’ croaks on the right hand side. She followed the sound to a mountain stream and filled the water. Then, she shot down a coconut with her hand-made slingshot, and plucked some herbs for wound healing before heading back to Yukimura. After a rest, his situation became stable, but his face still looked pale. Komatsuhime cut off the coconut to feed him juice, cleansed the wounds to apply the herbs, and bandaged it with her hem. After a while, Komatsuhime was relieved as Yukimura was recovering.
        Suddenly, she heard a roar of laughter in the forest. Peeping through a grove, she saw a burly man shake his gigantic arm at the mad men.
        “Humph! Die you all! Die——hahaha!” The man cried with rage. His voice was familiar to Komatsuhime…“Father!” Komatsuhime ran outside as soon as she recognized him, but her father Honda could not hear it and kept dashing to the slope. Soon his figure vanished out of her sight.
        “I can’t protect Yukimura alone. I have to find my father.” Komatsuhime left Yukimura and followed the corpses along the road to search for her father. At the same time, she was afraid Yukimura would be harmed by enemies. Therefore, she ran as fast as she could. Suddenly, there were movements in the woods——mad men! They were attracted by the corpses and targeted at Komatsuhime.
        “Get out of my way!” The magic staff was conjured again. Komatsuhime did not care the origin of this mysterious power anymore as long as she could take them down; she followed the staff's will to attack. Boom! She casted multiple dark spheres to burn those mad men to death. Then, Komatsuhime continued to run and take down the enemies standing in her way by waving the staff unconsciously, until she met a familiar figure, who was her husband Nobuyuki.
        “Nobuyuki, aren't you dead?” “Of course you want me to be dead, because I’m not the one you truly love, and I know who he is.”
        “No...please, stop saying.” “He is my brother Yukimura.”

        “Komatsuhime!” Suddenly, she felt warmth all over her body. Waking up from the nightmare, Komatsuhime was being embraced by Yukimura. There were burnt corpses of mad men around them.
        “This is…” “You were gone when I woke up. So I followed the corpses, then saw you cry, holding the magic staff. This weapon will corrupt your mind. Don’t rely on it anymore. From now on, I’ll protect you!”
        Komatsuhime nodded. Then, she continued to find her father with Yukimura. The trails of corpses led them to the top of the mountain. Finally, they found him. However, Komatsuhime’s happy face immediately turned into sorrow.
        “Dad!” She yelled in despair as she saw Honda’s right arm was pierced through by something.

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