In a forest, there was once a village in which thousands of sick and elderly lived. They had each been abandoned by their friends and families, leaving them nowhere else to go. That was why they were forced to live here. Suffering from an incurable disease, Kukulkan was one of the residents in the village. As his family no longer wanted to be burdened by him, he was sent here and left to their own fate.

        That day, while Kukulkan was catching fish in the river. He found a deep-blue gemstone in his net... Excited, he examined the gemstone, which suddenly illuminated with a dazzling blue light, causing him to squint. At that moment, Kukulkan could hear the voice of a maiden from his back...

        ‘I’ve never expected that anyone, besides Cooper and, I could resonate with the power of Elder Gods.’

Shocked, Kukulkan dropped the gemstone. He immediately bent down to pick it up and turned to the maiden. “Is it yours?”

        ‘Well...I guess you can say that.’

        “Then, please take it back.” Kukulkan handed the gemstone to the maiden, but the maiden shook her head and returned the stone to him. ‘Why don’t you keep it for me! Maybe it’s in your destiny,’ she said with a smile before turning around and leaving.

        Since then, Kukulkan would see the maiden every time he came to the river. The two talked about everything. Every word, every blink, and every smile of the maiden was engraved into his heart. He soon thought it was a never-ending dream; the heartache it brought him was real, but the happiness it caused was simultaneously illusory. It seemed that the only meaning of his short life was to encounter her.

        Kukulkan had long accepted his fate. However, after meeting the maiden, he gradually feared death... He just wanted to stay with the one he loved; he didn’t want to let go that pair of hands. The desire to live constantly stung his heart. He begged for his life not to be taken, while searching for a way to heal himself. However, it turned out to be a waste of his remaining time.
        Gripping his chest in pain, Kukulkan knelt on the ground, weeping: “I don’t wanna die! I still want to live...” At that time, the maiden bowed down next to him, gently patting his shoulder. “Don’t worry. Humans were unable to cure you because of their stupidity and incompetence. Yet, the power of Elder Gods is unlimited.” As she finished her words, she pointed at the gemstone inside Kukulkan’s pocket.

        As Kukulkan took out the gemstone, it flashed in a dazzling blue light. The heat emitted from the stone seemed to be a sign, telling him to let go. However, the idea of staying with the girl forever led him to put his palms together, pushing the gemstone toward his body. When Kukulkan's consciousness returned after the brief distraction, his body was no longer that of a Human...

        The maiden was touched, tears streaming down her cheeks. She leaned closed to Kukulkan and said: “Turning from an ugly Human to a beautiful spectral dragon... this is the blessing of the Elder Gods...”

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