The gate to heaven was finally opened by human summoners. Behind the door, atmosphere was extremely tense: the Gods were readying themselves for a decisive battle. At that moment—


        A dragon’s roar stopped everyone. Two dark shadows descended from heaven, landing between the Gods and the Humans. One of them slowly turned into a beautiful maiden. She looked at all Humans before her with disdain, and spoke with her lips barely opened:
        “I have long said that Humans should be exterminated!”

        Upon hearing the order, Kukulkan placed his hand before the the human-like face on his chest. The strange mask opened its mouth; a long sword and a long speared were ejected from the dark pit. Kukulkan raised the weapons and charged the summoners. The maiden was smiling as she turned to look at the Gods.

        “Gods of today sure are pathetic!”

        A mist appeared around the maiden’s hand and gradually enveloped her. She slowly swelled in size before turning into a dragon again.

        Kukulkan kept swinging his sword and spear, leaving the humans with no choice but to evade. Utilizing the heroic spirits within the seal cards, they attacked the strange dragon with the elemental power.. However, the seemingly clumsy body of the dragon was surprisingly agile, rendering their attacks ineffective. In fact, the prolonged battle was actually consuming the Human’s energy with each ineffective strike.

        “Roooaaar!” The strange dragon transformed from the maiden actually spoke “Kukulkan, show no mercy!”

        Hearing her words, the water elements surrounding Kukulkan gathered around him as if drawn. Poseidon, in the army of Gods, was also shocked by the sight, but no one noticed the change in his expression as all eyes were attracted by Kukulkan. The sword in his hands was covered with a chilling mist, the spearhead enveloped in a thin layer of frost. With a powerful flap, Kukulkan turned the Humans before him into ice sculptures. Then he crushed them with a lateral wave of his spear.

        The surviving humans were stunned. When a summoner fell back, the others followed. The strange dragon spoke with his gaping mouth: “Humans are always laughable!”

        She swung her claws, flaring out streams of energy, shattering everything they hit. The summoners escaped hastily in fear. When Kukulkan was about to pursue the remaining summoners, the strange dragon stopped him.

        “Everything is destined... Cooper, I, Fafnir, am ‘back’!”

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