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        “Lü Bu!”

        With pneuma swirling around his arm, the taoist warrior threw a punch at Lü Bu. Lü Bu deflected the punch with his halberd, but its power was so intense that Lü Bu was forced to take a few steps back.

        “It’s you!”

        Celestial Supremacy spun kick, while Lü Bu blocked it with a backhanded blow of his halberd. The two strikes clashed, bursting into a wind gust so strong that the soldiers could not stay on their feet and were blown away. On the chaotic battlefield an eerie vacuum formed, where the two strongest warriors from the respective sides were standing. The murderous desire in their eyes sent chills down the soldiers’ spines.

        “Celestial Supremacy! In this world, only you are worthy of being my opponent! I’ll spare no effort to kill you!”

        The two continued their duel, halberd clashing against fists. After they fought for hundreds rounds, a huge explosion occurred out of a sudden not far away, sending nearby soldiers flying. Lü Lingshuang was riding towards the two warriors on a skeletal horse. He jumped onto the back of Lü Bu, and then they were enveloped in a malicious purple light. When the light faded, Lü Lingshuang disappeared as well, leaving behind Lü Bu with a long horse spine in his hand. His hair lengthened and turned silver purple, the two red phoenix feathers on his crown became two long purple streams of pneuma. Lü Bu stared at Celestial Supremacy with his bloodshot eyes, said, “Come on!”

        “Woo-hah!” “Aaugh!”

        They gave a loud shout, then charged each other. Lü Bu channeled halberd pneuma into his horse spine, forming pointy pneuma spears, while Celestial Supremacy threw out more than a dozen fist pneuma strikes in no time. Their moves were so fast that one could only see overlapping silhouettes of their strikes. Such vigorous battle pneuma had driven soldiers aside to stop their fight and watch the head-on struggle between the strongest.

        Gripping his fists tight, Celestial Supremacy was wrestling with Lü Bu’s horse spine. With another arm, Lü Bu swang a heavy punch at his opponent, while Celestial Supremacy leaped up, blocking it with his knee and hooking Lü Bu’s arm with his leg, and immediately launched a roundhouse kick before landing. Lü Bu ducked, releasing the horse spine from his hand to evade the kick. Celestial Supremacy quickly swept the spine away and fought Lü Bu with bare hands.


        Celestial Supremacy instinctively jumped aside, for a skeletal horse formed by purple mist had crushed the ground where he was standing just now. A vicious smile flicked across the lips, Lü Bu swiftly twisted his body to jump onto the horse. He clenched his fists, and two halberds formed by purple mist appeared in his hands. Pointing his halberds at Celestial Supremacy, Lü Bu let out a battle cry, and instantly the skeletal horse charged towards Celestial Supremacy...