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        “Lü Bu! I curse you with death!”

        Lü Bu smiled creepily, and slowly withdrew the sword from the chest of the red-horned demon.

        “Death huh? I've died long ago.”

        Lü Bu stepped out of the tent and waved his hand.


        The army of Demons dashed towards that of the Gods. When the two armies confronted each other, a battle erupted. The soldiers attacked and slashed their enemies recklessly, while the sorcerers at the back were casting spells aimlessly. The Gods slowly gained an upper hand in the battle. A general of the Demons found the battle harder than ever. He wondered whether it was due to the absence of Lü Bu. Right, it was Lü Bu. In the previous battles, invincible Lü Bu was there, so it was no hard work for the Demons to win them. But then where was Lü Bu? No one had seen him after he came out of the tent to issue the marshal’s order. It was then the general took a glimpse at the mound nearby, where somebody wearing an armor belonged neither to the Gods nor Demons was watching over the battlefield as if he was waiting for something to happen. The general had a light bulb moment when he realized the ins and outs.

        “Darn. Lü Bu you jerk.”

        The general knew that it was Lü Bu’s plot of weakening the army. He betrayed the Demons, once again. He thrust his sword into the ground angrily.

        “Retreat! Retreat!”

        It was already too late. With warcry, a troop of horsemen had already gone into action, with Lü Bu as their leader. The horseman penetrated into the two armies like a spear, and tore the soldiers of the two parties apart, throwing them into disorder. They could do nothing but die in the hands of Lü Bu and his horsemen, and their sorrowful cries rang out among the battlefield.

        “Crap... You betrayer... The marshal... has been so lenient... to let you back... How dare you set us up...”

        “Only winners survive a war, you loser.”

        The general rebuked Lü Bu hard, but could utter no words as Lü Bu replied.

        “I’m always criticized for being disloyal, but is there anyone who knows me?”

        “So, in the name of my domination, die!”

        At the end of the day, no one knew why the battle caused the dreadful results of both the Gods and Demons.

        Moreover, it was when a group against both of them emerged.

        “When talking about brave warriors, it must be the Twelve Zodiacs; When it comes to a betrayer, you mention Lü Bu the Warlord.”