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        At first, Lü Lingshuang had no name. Lü Bu named him, and gave him the surname of Lü. The meaning of his first name, Lingshuang, was “enduring the coldness of snow and frost.” Lu Lingshuan was originally a floating sphere of consciousness with unknown origins. Yet, if one spotted it, the Warlord would not be far behind; and this did not change until it was discovered by the Warlord. Initially, Lü Bu had actually not noticed the existence of this “consciousness” on battlefields. As his desire to battle increased with the number of enemies he killed, he started to sense something strange; yet, he did not pay attention to it until the end of war, for he suddenly found a little boy standing upright in front of him. Tilting his head, the little boy looked at Lü Bu and the halberd in his hand with curiosity.

        “Why is there a child here?” Lü Bu was puzzled and asked his deputy.

        “Maybe he’s from the nearby villages?” His deputy was curious also.

        Lü Bu looked the boy up and down. Suddenly, the boy shouted,


        With a quick jerk and a swift twist, the halberd was already in his hand before Lü Bu could react. The boy happily raised the halberd high up into the air, its length unproportionally doubled that of the boy

        “Wow! This kid is fun!”

        Lü Bu found it strange that a jumpy little child would have the ability to hold this halberd with murderous pneuma swirling around it. Even if he could walk near it, he would not have the strength to lift up the halberd weighing in at eighty pounds. Yet, now not only could this little child picked it up, he could even twirl it, astounding Lü Bu. He walked towards the child and grabbed the swinging halberd , yet the child resisted. Lü Bu let go of the halberd and pat the child on his head.

        “Haha! What’s your name, lad?”


        “You don’t know how to talk? From now on you stay with me, okay? Here you go!”

        Lü Bu pointed at himself and also the halberd. The little boy nodded his head as if he understood what Lü Bu meant. He then climbed onto Lü Bu’s back, touching the scars on his back with his tiny fingers. Lü Bu could not help burst into hearty laughter...

        “Never underestimate this little kid!” — Lü Bu