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        In the past, Lady White Bones used her beauty and sexiness to seduce men and absorbed their “Yang” energy in order to enhance her demonic power. Afterwards, a warlock despised her behaviour and sealed her in a crevice between two boulders. As time went on , her bones were crushed. Pain and palsy tortured her every second, as if being alive was no better than death. Until one day, Tang Sanzang, Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, and Sha Seng passed through this land…
        “Wow! This rock is huge! We cannot move forward without breaking it.” Sha Seng said as he tapped the boulder.
        “Sounds great! I was just thinking about taking a break!" Zhu Bajie said as he sat down on a rock beside the boulder.
        “You useless pig! Watch out! I'm throwing it down right now!” As Sun Wukong loosened the boulder and picked it up, Tang Sanzang immediately stopped him and said, “Hold on, Wukong. There is a village at the foot of this mountain. If you throw it down, innocent people might get hurt. Let me handle the rock; you can take care of the gravel.”
        Tang Sanzang closed his eyes and gathered his power. The flow of the air became static due to his energy; he opened his eyes and punched the boulder! The impact caused the wind to gust up and the boulder was immediately broken into gravel. Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie and Sha Seng picked up the big stones and put them on the ground. As the passage opened up, Lady White Bones was also released——
        “Ah...these dang bones of mine!” Lady White Bones stretched her back. Since she was crushed by the boulders for a long time, her bones cracked as she stretched: “Ahh...that man's power is exceptional. It just may solve my joint pains! If he can punch me once everyday, it can heal my bones…” She was addicted to Tang Sanzang’s punches, which made her slobber whenever she thought of it. As Tang Sanzang's voice began to fade, she promptly caught up to him.

        Tang Sanzang’s shoulders were suddenly grabbed by someone, so he did a arm throw in defense. It was not until then did he realize the person who grabbed him was Lady White Bones. He immediately took a few steps back and said: “Namo Amitabha. What am I doing...I’m sorry. Are you alright?” As he was about to help her up, Sun Wukong and Sha Seng stood in his way, “Master, don’t get close to her! She is not a human being, but a demon!”
        “Hehe! Yeah, I feel good! My bones feel better now! Please, give me a few more punches——”
        Lady White Bones loomed over Tang Sanzang; while Sun Wukong and Sha Seng were alert to her action. As Sun Wukong was about to attack Lady White Bones, he was stopped by Tang Sanzang. He stepped forward, stared at Lady White Bones, and spoke in a serious tone: “I'm traveling to the Celestial Way for the sake of the mortal realm. Hurting innocent people contradicts my ascetic practice, and it’s not rightful.”
        “No! How is it wrong? I'm asking for it!” Lady White Bones begged him.
        “Just leave and live a good life. Behave and take care of yourself. It’s also considered a practice.”
        At that moment, Zhu Bajie brought some fruit. Tang Sanzang did not want to tangle with Lady White Bones anymore, so he left with Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, and Sha Seng. Lady White Bones was yelling and calling for him, but Tang Sanzang did not look back at her and gradually became out of sight.
        She recalled the moment the warlock sealed her in the crevice due to her misconduct. Whereas, Tang Sanzang's journey to the Celestial Way was to save the mortals…

        Lady White Bones arrived at a nearby village and seduced all the men in the village with her strong demonic power to the edge of a cliff. The bewitched men lined up in front of the cliff; while Lady White Bones sat on the side, playing with her silky hair. All the women in village came to the cliff and kneeled down before Lady White Bones, begging her to free their husbands. Lady White Bones grinned and ordered: “Okay! If you bring Tang Sanzang to me, I’ll release them!” The women looked at each other and then split up to look for Tang Sanzang. They would risk everything to save their husbands.
        After a while, Lady White Bones heard footsteps and excitedly stood up. As she was about to turn around and welcome Tang Sanzang, she was hit by Sun Wukong's crimson staff! Lady White Bones did not see this coming and was hit to the ground——
        Smote by Sun Wukong, Lady White Bones felt dizzy, but at the same time she felt inexplicable excitement, ecstasy, and comfort all over her body——these feelings were even stronger than when Tang Sanzang punched her! When she came to, she realized the dislocation of her bones that were crushed by the boulders had greatly recovered. Lady White Bones stood up and walked towards them slowly; Tang Sanzang and Sun Wukong remained alert. Just as they thought Lady White Bones was going to pounce on Tang Sanzang, she surprisingly clutched Sun Wukong's leg!
        “ you’re my savior too! Smack me! Please!”
Sun Wukong could not help but just stare at Lady White Bones. He tried to get rid of her, but she simply did not give up. He was helpless in this matter...