Khaos observed the fight between Gods and Humans through a wormhole, but the result was not satisfactory. Sensing his disappointment, Aether came up to him. “May I head towards the entrance of the realm? I can give direct orders to deal with the current situation and come up with strategies after observing the weakness of our opponents,” she said as she got down on one knee.
        Having obtained Khaos’s permission, Aether bowed down and left the hall.
        Hovering in the sky, she saw Summoners, who joined hands with the Courts of Zodiacs, were fighting against Gods and their soldiers in the battlefield.
        “The Zodiacs must be defeated! Without their support, Humans will be in full rout.” Aether was convinced of it. As she was about to issue a command, a deafening noise from above echoed in the realm of Gods! Aether discovered the bang actually came from the device for earth elemental storage. When she flew to the voice direction, she never expected it was totally destroyed, resulting in a leak of the earth element…
        “Impossible...Humans can’t break the magic barrier. Could it be...” Something popped up in her mind; Aether headed towards the device in a hurry.
        Arriving at the site, she found that the deserted ground was brought back to life, returning to its lush beauty, but Aether, who covered her nose, was disgusted by the scent of flowers and grass. To her surprise, Gaia was resting on meadows leisurely, and there were tall trees surrounding the ruined device, inside which remained the power of Gaia. All the evidence solved the puzzlement in Aether’s mind. “Did you just break the device?” she asked in fury.
        “If not, the realm will perish some day. Thousands of innocent lives will be sacrificed!” Gaia responded nervously.
        “So what?” Aether questioned.
         “Humans are destined to serve the Gods. They should glory in sacrificing their lives for building our residence!” Aether continued with an arrogant tone. Listening to her words, Gaia showed a sorrowful yet disappointed face and said, “I’ll never agree to your nonsense!”
        “What a pity…” Aether paused and then gathered godly power, “Then I have no choice but to kill you!” With the mixing of her power with light element, she casted a strong energy sphere over Gaia! To counter the attack, Gaia conjured a giant wood to withstand Aether’s light elemental sphere; the wood turned into a dragon to engulf her immediately——
        “Humph! Just a wood waste!” Aether went all out to create countless light spheres blasting the wood. However, no matter how hard she tried, the wood could restore to its original state in no time. Due to the overuse of godly power, Aether was exhausted and fell down…
        “Darn it...Master Khaos…”
        “I’ll give you strength! Take my chaotic power!”
        Khaos teleported his power to Aether through a small wormhole. The strong chaotic strength was wrestling with the godly power, which made her suffer in great pain. Facing the unbearable soreness, she could not even say a word, as if she had lost her voice——
        “Am I going to be swallowed by the darkness…” Aether clenched her fists. “This is the power of Master Khaos. I must not let him down!” Gritting her teeth, she circulated the energy inside the body, combining the light into darkness, which eventually formed a new kind of power.
        Filled with massive power, Aether raised her hands with a grin. An energy sphere, which merged the godly power into the chaotic darkness, was created.
        “Ha!” She casted the sphere over the giant wood, crushing it into pieces!
        “Die! Traitor!” Aether unleashed the powerful attack against Gaia. Just as it was about to hit her, crowds of animals showed up suddenly. Gaia captured this opportunity to blend in with them and fled when she saw Aether was numb with shock. As she was going to pursue Gaia, she heard the call of Khaos...

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