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        It seemed to be another ordinary day for the citizens, with soldiers patrolling up on the walls and around in the city to ensure the security of the country. Just then, a swarm of flies flew in from outside, pestering the citizens and soldiers; and the number was increasing. Soon after, there came other insects — cockroaches, crickets, black bees, etc.

        The soldiers up on the walls then noticed that a girl surrounded by the insects was walking towards the gate. Slowly yet steadily she walked, ferocity palpable. The soldiers quickly shot fire arrows at her, yet just by drawing a circle, she was shielded by the swarm of insects, completely unscathed in the sea of fire.

        In the blink of an eye, the girl arrived at the city gate; just as the soldiers thought there was no way she could open the gate with her delicate arms, the girl put her hand on the gate, and a sea of insects rushed towards it, allowing the girl to push the gate open effortlessly. At the moment she entered the city, the insects surrounding her scattered in all directions.

        “Go away!!” Cries for help echoed through the city. The citizens were either bitten to death, or killed by the poisonous insects. They tried to find a place to hide, yet the tiny insects had already occupied every space in the country. There was no place to hide. Not long after, the country was enveloped in complete darkness.

        Just then, the king came out under guards’ escort. Upon stepping out of the castle, he saw a giant fly standing on the girl’s shoulder. She swung her hands in the air, as if she was conducting the insects to play a symphony of death. She noticed the presence of the king and walked towards him, step by step. The guards rushed forward, trying to block the girl from approaching the king, yet they were bitten to death by the insects as soon as they took the first step.

        The king crumbled to the ground in fear. Bending over him, the girl said with a smile, “Gotcha...” Right after she uttered the word, the king was swathed in wrappings of countless insects. When the parcel was reopened, only a dead body was left, with all its blood drained out.

        Ignoring the wails of the citizens, the girl walked out of the country, returning to the boy waiting for her...

        “Beelzebub... has completed the mission...”

        “You silly. If it had been a demanding mission, I wouldn’t have let you go. I just wanted you to have some fun.” Abadon patted Beelzebub’s head as he spoke, and Beelzebub smiled cheerfully. Neglecting the blood-curdling screams behind, the pair began their journey back to their dominion.