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        Responsible for observing the stars, Aether discovered strange movements of the stars one night. They surprisingly formed a peculiar sign, and caused destructive effects upon the realm of Humans. Aether later found that the power which had caused all this was from a crevice, and the light sphere she hurled in as a probe went straight without any hindrance, until it disappeared into complete darkness far away. She then shot light spheres in different angles into the crevice, providing light for herself to observe what was inside.

        “This crevice is too thin for any creature to come through. And though there is strange power exuding from it, I cannot sense any signs of life inside...” Aether approached the crevice. Just as she stuck her hand into the crevice, dark matter covered her hand! Pain and powerlessness transferred into her body from her palm. Aether hurriedly withdrew her hand and concentrated her godly power on it, driving away the dark matter.

        Looking at the disappearing bruise, Aether’s expression was perplexed: ‘When the dark matter was on my hand, I could feel my power draining...’

        Just then, a dragon’s bellow reverberated from within the crevice. Aether looked into it, only to find a dragon in vague form bumping against the crevice with its body. To stop it, Aether conjured her godly power and shot it at the dragon. However, instead of stopping it, the attack enraged the dragon. It suddenly refrained from bumping and opened its mouth. Immense power started gathering in front of it. Aether immediately realized how devastating its coming attack would be. If she allowed the dragon to come to the realm of Humans, it might bring forth unpredictable disasters, so she hurriedly channeled her godly power.

        The two kinds of power collided, giving out light of blinding radiance. Even Aether had to cover her eyes when her figure was engulfed by the light...

        Inside the radiance, Aether saw the creation of the realm — in void, the Primordial Dragons gathered. They molded the fundamentals of life and the realm with elemental power. Water elements transformed into oceans and lakes, earth elements nurtured life, fire elements brought warmth...the realm of Humans gradually took shape.

        Suddenly, a gigantic dragon appeared in front of Aether, grabbing her with its claws: ‘We created this realm. This realm is ours! Do not think you can possess it, outsiders!’ The dragon tightened its grip. Aether wanted to escape, but its grip was far more powerful than she could manage to resist. The dragon then continued, “When the realm is thrown into chaos, we will arise. The land shall be purified by the eternal light, and outsiders will become nothing...”

        To break away from the dragon, Aether conjured all of her godly power around herself, prompting her body to radiate with intensifying light. Eventually, an aura of light erupted from Aether; the power was so immense that even the stars were shaken from their original positions, removing the peculiar symbol in the sky. The light gradually dissipated as Aether’s elemental power disappeared. When she came to realize it, she had already returned to the beach, kneeling down powerlessly.

        Aether nervously looked at the crevice again. The strange world and the gigantic dragon had already vanished. At the same time, sea water rushed toward the beach. If Aether did not fly up in time, she would have been buried under the sea with the crevice.

        “Where have you been? We have been looking for you.” Gaia gently asked while flying toward Aether.

        It was not until Aether heard Gaia’s words did she believe that she was truly back in the realm of Humans. Aether raised her head; the stars had already returned normal like she had once observed. Everything in the realm was in its original state again.

        Since then, Aether always recalled the vague dragon’s words. To avoid the Gods from being eliminated someday, Aether combined the Gods’ wisdom and the realm’s metal, and created mechanical dragons. She imbued the dragons with immense godly power and granted each of them a conscious mind. The most powerful of which was the Protometallic Dragon — the source of “Ancient Dragon Power” later pursued by scholars...