When the Gods first arrived at the realms, Gaia loved the realm of Humans. It contained creatures unfamiliar to her, and nature frequently surprised her. Khaos had ordered her to merely observe the animals, but she eventually failed to adhere to this rule; as Gaia spent more time with the creatures, her sympathy for them gradually grew.

        Gaia had originally intended to locate a place on the realm where the animals could inhabit, but after a long search, she still failed to find one. Hence, to save the animals, she created a stretch of forest in which they could live. However, the lack of food prompted conflicts between the animals; a few species even emaciated because they were not able to triumph when scrambling for food...

        If this situation continued, not only would the animals fail to thrive, they would even rule out each other until only one species was left! Therefore, Gaia could only find another habitable place for the animals. Just as she was contemplating what to do, she sensed strong earth elemental power not far away...

        Gaia flew toward the source of the power, and saw a gigantic tree in the middle of a deserted land. She approached it and put her hands on the trunk; the immense earth elemental power suddenly flowed through her hands and into her body.

        “If I utilize this immense power, then maybe I can create a place where all animals can live harmoniously.”

        The joy was palpable on Gaia’s face. She descended onto the land, and pierced her staff into the ground before channeling her godly power. Gaia’s power changed the land; flowers and grass grew from the barren ground. Tender shoots sprouted and matured into trees. In a mere while, the infertile land turned into a dense forest.

        Watching it all from the sky, Gaia was content with the result, and naturally, a smile spread across her face. After creating the forest, she led the animals to it. The far-reaching shade provided them with a place to rest; sweet fruit supplied them with food; and dew satiated their thirst...Animals could finally have a stable life and start thriving.

        When Gaia thought her wish was finally fulfilled, smoke arose from the outskirts of the forest. She hastily went to the scene, and noticed that it was Humans who had set fire to the forest, in the hopes of hunting the animals living within. As if able to sense the trees’ pain, the gigantic tree radiated with blinding light, seemingly warning the Humans not to lay their fingers on the forest...

        “Could it be a warning from the forest God?”

        “Humph! Go back if you’re scared!”

        Although they were startled by the sudden radiation, the Humans were still overridden by greed, and continued burning the forest. Gaia flew toward the gigantic tree and concentrated her power into her staff. When she put the power-imbued staff near the tree, the gigantic tree and all the other trees in the forest began to glow in green. The burned ashes grew back into trees, and the flaming blazes were all smothered by fast growing barks. The torches in the Humans’ hands were also knocked off by the vines on the ground. The Humans were all scared; they kneeled and pleaded for mercy from the tree...

        “Please forgive us, forest God! We will never hurt nature again!”

        It was not until the Humans had left did Gaia truly relax. To ensure that the forest would not be harmed, Gaia left a part of her power in the gigantic tree and the forest itself. Although many, Humans and Demons alike, wanted to damage the forest, it stood through myriad wars throughout the years under the protection of Ancient Gods and Gaia’s power. Inheriting Gaia’s will to protect all mystical beings, the forest was therefore named the “Divine Woodland”.

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