17.3 Primal Deities Story Ch. 5

        A young man passed through an upscale, elegant gate decorated with flower carvings, going straight into the adytum. He pushed the door open without knocking and walked directly towards a lady in front of a bronze mirror. “Master, are you gonna umpire the traitor? I wanna tag along,” he said aloud.

        Lady Xiwangmu continued to get her satin together; the gorgeous apparel with luxurious ornaments was a perfect match for her. “You have no authority to sit in on the trial this time. So you better focus on the practice I handed over to you——,” she said calmly.

        “I’ve done it already! This is too easy for me.” The impatient Dongwanggong cut in. As he was about to confront her, a force pushed him down——Xiwangmu knocked him with sword hilt enchanted by Xian energy, which made Dongwanggong almost step on her dress hem.

        Xiwangmu braced his body with her sword and said coldly, “my tolerance is limited.”

        “I’m not messing around!” Dongwanggong continued excitedly. “I heard that the traitor was your senior. And he was the top disciple of our master in terms of strength! That’s why I wanna see him!”

        “You——” Dazzled by his eyes, Xiwangmu’s heart was pounding fast; a blush came into her cheeks. At this moment, a voice came from outside. “Lady Xiwangmu, the Xians await at the hall.”

        “Dongwanggong is a stubborn guy. If I don’t let him, he’ll burst in by all means.” Xiwangmu put her sword back and turned away as she said in a low voice, “behave yourself on the trial.”

        “Sure thing!” Dongwanggong jumped with joy.

        Then, they headed to the hall together. There were many Xians present at the seats on both sides. Dongwanggong went straight to a vacant seat to sit down immediately; Xiwangmu took her time to the umpire place.

        There was a secondary seat on the left and right side of the umpire respectively. The left one was occupied by a white-haired man, while the right one was still vacant.

        “Taiyi, where is master Shennong,” Xiwangmu asked the white-haired man.

        “Master doesn’t feel well today. I’m afraid he won’t be showing up.”

        “But…” Xiwangmu became silent when she saw Taiyi shake his head. She sat on the place and ordered, “bring the traitor.”

        Soon, two Xians brought a man to the center of the hall. He was in iron shackles, which were specially carved with cinnabar to suppress his power. A man named Pangu, exuding overwhelming aura, stepped forward to force him to kneel on the floor.

        “Pangu has brought the traitor Xingtian for trial.”

        “Brother Xingtian has changed a lot...He used to be our confident leader...But now he is shrouded in evil aura...What made him?” Xiwangmu became sentimental when she looked at Xingtian. Soon she controlled her melancholy and wore a serious look.

        “Traitor Xingtian killed the beasts with our arts without permission, and seized their power by eating them. Your cruel act has put our reputation in disgrace. Do you admit your guilt?”

        “...It’s all on me...I have no regrets. Kill me or do whatever you want,” Xingtian wore an unruly smile.

        “Xingtian, you took Fuxi away 10 years ago. Where is he now?”

        “...I killed him.”

        “Impossible!” Taiyi shouted before Xiwangmu. As his reaction was rarely seen, it had attracted Xiwangmu’s attention.

        “Taiyi, how do you know,” Xingtian bantered, but Taiyi seemed to have something to hide and did not say a word.

        “Xiwangmu, do you really think such degree of power can be achieved solely by daily practice within 10 years? You’re all wrong. Power is not that easy to obtain, you fool——Ahhh!” Xingtian was interrupted by the pain arising from the spell of the chains.

        “You better save your meaningless words. If I get pissed, you’ll suffer.” Pangu stared at him and then talked to Xiwangmu, “Sister, as he has admitted his guilt, please announce a verdict.”

        Xiwangmu looked at Xingtian, who was lying on the ground painfully. Sensing her gaze, he wore an indescribable smile before her.

        “ not the brother I’m familiar with anymore…”

        Xiwangmu pointed her sword at Xingtian as she announced, “traitor Xingtian showed no penitence for his sin. Now I declare to take back his power and put him into prison for eternity. Xians, bring him——”

        Before Xiwangmu finished her words, two shadows descended from the sky and cracked the redbrick dome open into the hall, raising a lot of dust.

        “They’re...heavenly beasts!” As the dust dispersed, she could finally see their faces clearly. Both were unique heavenly beasts, running towards Xingtian at the same time.

        “They’re trying to save him. I must stop them…”

t A figure swept past Xiwangmu, sprinting over the beasts with his weapon. Putting on a smile, Dongwanggong said excitedly, “That’s what I’ve been preparing for! Today you’ll fall!”

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