Lakshmi curled up outside a house, wrapping herself up with a cloth curtain, laying her eyes on the clamorous environment inside. All the stuff was messy and toppled over. A man, with a chapped face, was arguing with a woman.

        “Did you steal the food in that jar, you bitch,” the man trembled with anger. “Don’t you feel shamed? How dare you hide the food from us! Are you going to starve us to death!?”

        “Who cares! I’m doing it for myself! You and your useless daughter should go to hell!” The man punched the woman hard, and then the woman slapped him across the face. Both of them started fighting with each other.

        Lakshmi, who hid herself in the curtain, closed her eyes and covered her ears after being called “useless”. The quarrel, broken sound, cries and screams had cracked her up.

        She sensed that there was an unusual power flowing all over her body. Sometimes she felt freezing cold; sometimes she felt unbearably hot. This power was penetrating through her head to fingertips.

        “Wh-what is going on? Everyone becomes transparent!” Lakshmi found that her mother’s and father’s bodies had a weird change. Bones, organs, muscles were all visible.

        “What are these light speckles on my body?...They’re warm and full of vigor…” She felt it by closing her eyes. Then, it somehow soothed the tension in her mind. Suddenly, those speckles were engulfed by dark spheres, which started coming after Lakshmi!

        As soon as the dark spheres seeped into her body, she could immediately sense a severe pain surging within her. It was totally a torment.

        “No...Stay away from me!” Lakshmi shouted with pain helplessly. Her hysterical scream had created a strong power that crushed the entire wall in the blink of an eye. The destruction drew her family’s attention. Both of them looked at Lakshmi with shock.

        “You-you such a monster!” The man pointed at her like a freak.

        “Father...No, I’m not——Ahh!” More dark spheres came out of the man’s body, surging towards Lakshmi, which made her suffer unbearable pain again.

        Her consciousness gradually faded away, for she was unable to take it anymore. Lakshmi tried hard to reach out before she fell into a faint. “Mom, mom...Help-help me…,” she murmured.

        Snap! The woman flung her arm away indifferently. Poor Lakshmi could not help but let the darkness devour her consciousness…

        Later on, she was already in a splendid bedroom when she woke up. Lakshmi was put on an elegant saree and a golden necklace.

        “Where am I?”
        “Who brought me here?”
        “ I have to go through all these bizarre things!”
        Negaive feelings kept emerging in her mind. Afraid of being in an unknown place, Lakshmi planned to escape. However, when she opened the door, a man Agni came over and freaked her out.

        Agni threw her into the bed with a ferocious look. “Lakshmi, where are you going,” he yelled.

        “Who, who are you,” her voice trembled.

        “I’m Agni, but who am I is not important. You just need to know that from now on, you’re just a toy of Varuna, the great king of Sinha.” From his tone, Lakshmi did not feel any of his respect for the king.

        “Im-impossible! What toy!? I want to go home!”

        “Hahaha! Home? You should be proud of yourself. Because of you, your mother and father have become the citizens of Sinha. They don’t need to live in poverty anymore.”

        “Why me...Why it has to be me!!” Lakshmi gave a rage of roar; the energy inside her body was in disorder.

        She could see the darkness coming out from Agni, which was way more than her father and mother. All of the dark spheres flew toward her at the same time. The tremendous pain spread over, but this time she did not fall down like before, as if she had already adapted.

        Agni did not seem to be surprised at all. Instead, he showed a satisfied look. “That’s the reason why I chose you...You’ll become our vessel,” he sneered while gazing at Lakshmi.

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