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        “...I feel dizzy...How long have I been sleeping…” Near the entrance to the Pilgrimage of Oroz the mechanical city, Lambda, a masculine-type Machina, was lying on the ground. He touched his own dim and flashing kinetic core.

        Yesterday, Schnauzer and Lambda met in the Pilgrimage. He arrived on time, but unexpectedly, Schnauzer gave him a sneak attack and knocked him off. When Lambda woke up, he was immediately stunned by what he saw.

        “Wh-what's going on? Why the city is on fire...I need to tell everybody!” He got up, running towards the center of the city. As he passed through the Pilgrimage, his attention was drawn by a noise.

        “...Ah...” A weak groan was sent inside. Lambda, regardless of the fire, went in and saw Shamash was crushed by a metal block with severe injuries.

        He soon recognized she was Eldus, the enemy of Machina, judging from her apparel. As a medic, looking on with folded arms was contrary to his belief. Therefore, Lambda risked his life, saving her out of the flames before it was too late.

        However, Lambda’s wound was no better than her. His face was dark like charcoal; and the metal abdominal cavity of his left half body was melted by high temperature, giving out the pungent smell.

        “Hang in there! Just a few steps away from the medic room.” Lambda endured the discomfort and staggered along to carry Shamash to the room. Inside which, criss-crossing vessels were spread over the walls on both sides, and a spherical-shape circuit was emitting a weak light.

        Lambda moved Shamash to a shabby copper-made bed. Her skin started to turn black. Each side of the bed was connected with countless metal wires like a spider web. Judging from her situation, Lambda knew he should conduct surgery without delay, or she would die.

        “It hurts...You...marauder...Kill…” Shamash murmured with her weak consciousness.

        “You’ll revive soon! Don’t give up!”

        Lambda took out a syringe; the light source flowed lively inside, giving out a dazzling glare. He injected the source into veins of her wrist. Soon, the light was circulating slowly along the blood vessels. For each inch the light passed through, she could see her skin bulge, which caused acute pain and made her struggle.

        Lambda tried hard to hold her still and said, “Endure the pain! Once you make it, you’ll be reborn.”

        Light spots like fireflies emerged under Shamash’s skin. When flowing to the burns, metal vessels as thin as hair started to grow in the wound and rejuvenate the flesh automatically, which formed a polished yet hard skin on the surface.

        Flesh and blood were gradually replaced with metal. After it was done, the light spots flowed into the wires on the sides of the bed; the wires then wrapped Shamash like a cocoon. Soon, she broke open and revived.

        “You-you made it! Congratulations, you’re reborn. From now on, you’ll no longer suffer from pain.” Lambda was so excited that he even forgot his broken body, but kept shaking Shamash to show happiness. His ramshackle metal parts almost fell out.

        Before long, Shamash had recovered her consciousness. She woke up but had a strange feeling, like she was connected to an enormous thing of some sort. Her mind became heavy as it was overloaded with plenty of information. When Shamash tried to raise her hands, she found that they were of great weight. Then, she look down and was immediately stunned by her metal arms.

        At this moment, Lambda was still indulged in the joy of saving someone’s life, but totally unaware of the bloodlust surging within her. He thought Shamash just needed some time to accept her new body.

        “Many don’t get used to their mechanical body right after rebirth. As time goes by, it will be fine. Anyways, it’s not a good time to chat now. We should leave——”

        “I want…”

        “Em?” Lambda leant forward as he did not hear clearly.

        “I want to kill you!” Shamash, flying into a fury, shouted. She could not accept the truth to be saved by her “prey”. Reborn as a Machina was an absolute insult to her. “You not only take away Monesis, but also my dignity! You think I can live with this monster-like body for the rest of my life? Nooooo freaking wayyyyyyyy——Ah!!!”

        Shamash’s eyes almost bulged out of her sockets. Giving a sharp and ear-piercing shout, she was like being thrown into an abyss helplessly, which made Lambda tear uncontrollably. Although he could sense the looming of danger, he was still numb with shock.

        “Why am I crying? Because her cry moved my heart…? Is it wrong for me to save her…”

        This was the last thought that popped out in Lambda’s mind. Next second, Shamash roughly pierced through his body with her metal arm and crushed his kinetic core…

        In the medic room, Lambda lay on the floor; and his parts were scattered all over the place. As for Shamash, she was gone in the state of madness.