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        Upon receiving Odin’s golden chalice and drinking the divine wine, Skogul became a valkyrie of the North. She led a division formed by the survivors of the destroyed kingdoms and organized it into the Northern Alliance, attempting to join Thor’s forces. Before departing, she checked the map and figured out that on the path to glacier, she would drop by her hometown Baldr.

        Skogul still deeply remembered her hometown Baldr. When spring came, flowers blossomed and trees grew new leaves…

        But the spring will never come again…

        A young man who came out of the team suddenly knelt down to Skogul and said:
        “Your highness, can we see Baldr again before setting off for the glacier?” He continued: “I want to give an official farewell to my dear hometown.”

        The young man in front of Skogul was energetic and powerful, but upon realizing that war would soon deprive this young life, she was immediately struck with sadness.

        However, she understood even more clearly that Baldr would live on even if it was destroyed.

        A country's life is its people. Skogul would never allow the survivors to die. At that moment, she suddenly couldn’t distinguish if she was the princess of Baldr or a valkyrie of the North. Skogul nodded, folded the flag and set off for the withered Kingdom of Spring.

        “Walk through this bush and you will see the castle.” Skogul stood on the hill and saw a piece of broken roof in the end of the bush.

        “It’s getting dark. I am afraid we will get lost if we keep walking. How about spending the night here? We can resume our journey tomorrow.”

        The survivors immediately agreed. Knowing that their hometown was just miles away, they were too happy to fall asleep.

        So was Skogul. Fixating her eyes at the fire, she took out her wine bottle.

        When the wine reached her throat, the wood suddenly rustled.

        It was a quiet night with a slight breeze. The rustle was unusual.

        She listened carefully. The rustle was mixed with clumsy footsteps…

        Suddenly, a crowd of shadow flooded towards Skogul from the bush. Skogul immediately raised her sword and woke all the survivors.

        “Who’s there?”
        “No! Don’t kill us!” said a woman in trembling voice. Skogul saw her face under the fire.

        Skogul was surprised to meet her teacher again here after all these years of separation.

        “Princess Skogul?” The teacher excitedly held Skogul’s hands and said: ”Princess Geironul is fighting off the Demon forces alone!”

        “My sister? Alone?” Skogul’s face changed, not expecting her sister there at this critical moment…
        She calmed herself with the only way she knew how—taking out her wine bottle and drinking like a fish.

        “Let’s go.” At that moment, she was afraid of nothing. The wine coursed through her chest, rekindling her determination to fight—
        “I am going to support my sister!”

        Upon receiving information about the war, Skogul realized that Demons had marched deep inside Barldr’s inner city. Therefore, she sent some of the survivors to report to the North Alliance. The remaining forces would follow her to battle with the Demons.

        Under the teacher’s instruction, Skogul and the survivors arrived at the back of Baldr’s castle. It was not a long way to go, but she would have been lost if the teacher wasn’t leading the way.

        Upon arriving at Baldr, the sound of clashing weapons echoed in their ears.

        After Skogul calmed her team down, she reached the top of gate tower and immediately saw a figure in green among Demonic forces…

        “It’s my sister!” Geironul was holding her spear, fighting off the Demonic soldiers approaching her. However, she was fighting with so many enemies that she was exhausted.

        “We are at disadvantage...” Different strategies flashed through Skogul’s mind, but she made this decision—
        “Luring the Demonic soldiers out of the inner city!”

        She immediately gathered the survivors and split them into two teams.
        She led one of them to raid the Demonic forces while the other team saved her sister.

        She climbed up to the rooftop with survivors and approached the war zone.

        As a Demonic soldier attacked Geironul with a sword, she blocked it with all her might However, a giant sickle suddenly hooked her.

        Skogul immediately chopped down the knight.

        “Sko...Skogul?” When Geironul saw the person she missed, warmth ran through her body.

        “You go first, sister! I can deal with them!”
        “No! I am your sister! I will never leave you alone...”
        “I have a plan! Trust me!”

        “That’s not what I...” Before Geironul could finish her sentence, a strong arm grabbed her and dragged her out of the inner city.

        “Skogul is stronger than you could imagine...” Quickly twirling her sword, Skogul blocked all Demonic forces that approached her.

        Right at that moment, a few survivors descended from the mid-air and immediately struck the swords into the Demonic soldiers. The other soldiers immediately scattered.

        “Now!” Skogul screamed and retreated from the war zone, dashing out of the inner city with the survivors.

        The Demonic soldiers immediately chased after them.

        “Almost there...I will leave here soon...” Skogul ran with all her strength until she reached the city gate.

        After Skogul arrived at the city gate, what she saw startled her.

        The North Alliance was ready. They rushed towards the Demonic soldiers.

        “Skogul!” Geironul approached her while the teacher and survivors followed closely.

        Skogul held Geironul’s hand tightly, tears filling their eyes. The Demonic soldiers who ran out of the city were immediately executed by the North Alliance.

        “Skogul, Baldr is still here!” Geironul raised Skogul’s hand to her forehead, and Skogul immediately felt the warmth, which reminded her of the long-losing spring in Baldr.

        “Yes, sister.” Skogul closed her eyes but failed to hold the tears back. She continued: “No one will forget Bardr as long as the survivors are here; as long as we are still here…”

        Then dawn fell, and Skogul wiped her tears away, took out her wine bottle and announced to the survivors:
        “The two of us swear on wine: we will spare no effort to revive Baldr no matter how many obstacles are in front of us!”

        As the wine coursed through her body, Skogul felt as if the spring breeze was embracing her. It was not that spring was not coming anymore; spring was simply waiting for them to bring it back...