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        “Watch out!” Cassandra hurriedly pulled her maid aside, saving her a large collapsing branch. Yet, afraid of having any contact with Cassandra, the maid drew back her hand in horror.

        The maid’s attitude did not affect Cassandra, for she understood that the people’s fear for her outweighed their respect ever she prophesied solely regarding death. However, at the moment, Cassandra was more concerned with the fact that before the branch had collapsed off, an image of it striking her maid had flashed into her mind.

        The vision was different from that of her old prophecies. Yet, as Apollo had already taken her prophetic powers away, and her dreams no longer foretold the future. Thus, she could not explain why she foresaw this incident. Though the image she saw had lasted mere seconds, it still was “a future event”. Cassandra’s reverence to Apollo led her to deem this a blessing from him; she firmly believed that he had yet to completely abandon her.

        Gratitude towards Apollo swarming, Cassandra tried to familiarize with her new power based on the method he once taught her. However, things did not progress well as she would have expected; the more frequently Cassandra used her power of foresight, the more strength she consumed.

        This was because the source of this new power was not Apollo: instead, it had originated from abilities within Cassandra herself that was then stimulated by the remnant of Apollo's godly power; hence, this was a "power of foresight" unique to her. In other words, this meant she had to use her own strength; thus, the length of image in her mind was greatly dependent on her level of fatigue. After every foresight, she would require some time to restore her strength.

        Since she realized her new power, her attention had been focused upon developing her power; Cassandra did not pay attention to the attitude of the people around her. She practiced hard, and simultaneously, the the number of people she had helped with her power also gradually increased. As a result, many who were destined to be killed or wounded in the war were spared from their original fate.

        “Watch out for the crater up there. That is where their fire arrows would land!” Cassandra told the commanding general of the image that had just surfaced in her mind.

        “Transmit orders to the front! Advance in tortoise formation!” The general gave his orders, and immediately the warhorn was blown to inform the soldiers.

        Soldiers in the front promptly responded to the orders and adjusted their formation. Rushing forward, the hoplites swiftly formed the front ranks. The first row of hoplites packed in tightly, locking shields, while those in the second and third rows raised their shields high to form an impenetrable wall of shields. The process took less than ten seconds. Just as the defensive wall was formed, a rain of fire arrows rained down upon the tortoise, slamming into the shields. The soldiers rejoiced at the speed they had reformed the tortoise. Otherwise, the fire arrows would have slammed into their bodies rather than shields!

        After months of practice, Cassandra could already foresee images ten seconds long. Once again, the people’s respect for Cassandra returned, and they became dependent on her foresight. Actively assisting the army around the battlefields, she was no longer be called the “Cursed Prophet”; instead, the name was replaced and left to the later generations as the “Lamentable Clairvoyant.”