A ferocious lion paced back and forth in a cage, staring outside, where a man was looking into its eyes. The lion growled at him furiously, and he picked up a whip calmly. He unlocked the door and stepped inside. The man and the lion both kept their eyes on each other and focused on reading their opponent’s every move.

        Moments after the man went into the cage, the lion could not control its rage and leapt at him. As it was about to reach him, the man stepped to the right and dodged it easily. As it was gliding past him, he immediately turned around, pulled the whip out and lashed its back repeatedly, making it roar in pain. As the lion moved to pound the man again, he raised the whip and lashed the cage with all his might! The lion dared not make a move out of fear. At that moment, applause came from behind the cage. ‘Brilliant show as alway, Lamorak,’ Mordred said with a smile. Lamorak stepped out of the cage confidently and bowed to Mordred, saying, ‘It’s my greatest honor my show entertains Master Mordred.’ ‘This lion looks ferocious.’ ‘Yes. It took me some effort to tame its brutality. Mordred chuckled and asked, ‘Take a guess. Do you think your lion can beat an unarmed woman?’ ‘Yes, even if she’s armed,’ Lamorak answered proudly.

        The next day, Mordred ordered Lamorak to bring his lion to the colosseum all of a sudden. He intended to put it in a fight with a slender girl! When everything was set, Lamorak sat next to Modred with other noblemen to enjoy the cruel show. ‘Aren't you fighting with your lion, Lamorak?’ ‘I’m afraid my lion alone is already too much for her. It’d be overkill if I joined the fight.’ However, Lamorak’s smile fell very soon. At first, the lion seemed to have the upper hand, but the girl managed to dodge every attack effortlessly and befriended it in a blink. She rode the lion and escaped the colosseum, and then they charged towards the exit of the imperial city!

        ’How did that happen?’ Lamorak stood up in fury, clutching his fists and gritting his teeth until blood gushed out of his mouth. He turned around and bowed to Mordred. ‘I’m sorry, Master Mordred. I’ll bring their heads to you to make up this disappointment.’ In the panicking crowd, Lamorak followed the lion’s footprints calmly. He was not aware that Mordred was watching his back with a vicious grin.

        Lamorak followed the lion’s footprints to the countryside. He looked closer at the mud, where he found more footprints that led to the woods. He smiled and headed deep into the forest. Finally, he found them in a cabin. The girl had put on a red armour and wielded dual blades. Knowing that she was a warrior piqued Lamorak's interest. ‘That’s the spirit!’ He raised his spear and thrust at the girl. She panicked for a moment, but nevertheless dodged his thrust with no effort. The lion next to her had intended to protect her, but she stopped it with a smile and threw away one of her blades. It was greatly humiliating to Lamorak.

        ’You’ll regret this!’ They both raised their weapons and charged at each other. Lamorak’s spear thrust towards the girl’s chest repeatedly, but she managed to dodge its tip every time. Lamorak gritted his teeth in fury. The more desperate he became, the more predictable his moves became. Suddenly, the girl leapt and landed before Lamorak. Her blade stuck on his neck before he could react. ‘H-how is this possible?’ ‘You’re an expert at the spear, but your arrogance failed you,’ said the girl strapping her blade into the sheath. Lamorak kneeled in shock. The girl lost interest in him. She packed her bag and put it onto the lion. ‘Just kill me. The strong shouldn’t pity the weak.’ The girl helped him up and said, ‘You lost. I don’t have to do anything more to prove my victory,’ She handed his spear to him and continued, ‘Stand on your feet! Get strong and beat me!’

        The girl turned around and walked away with the lion; Lamorak looked at her back. He felt something strong pounding in his heart, something telling him to go after her or he would regret it for the rest of his life. He ran to her side and said, ‘I’m coming with you.’ ‘I don’t need any help, especially not from someone I don’t trust.’ ‘But I know where Arthur is. You’ve got to find her as soon as possible, right?’ He stretched out his hand and said, ‘Lamorak.’ The girl stared at him, and said after moments of hesitation, ‘Bedivere. I’ll let you come. Take me to Princess Arthur. Don’t plan on anything stupid.’ ‘I swear in the name of chivalry that I’ll never commit such a despicable act!’ As he smiled and followed her, the lion growled at him. Bedivere burst into laughter seeing them glaring at each other.

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