A restaurant in a remote village was packed, except there was one table unoccupied. Lancelot pushed through the door and looked around. He saw the unoccupied table and walked straight to it. He then sat down and lay down his bags.

        The babble in the restaurant became muffled the moment Lancelot sat down. The customers whispered to each other nervously, but Lancelot could not care less. The restaurant owner walked up to him and said, ‘Sorry. You can’t sit here.’ 'Huh? Why not?’ The owner whispered in Lancelot’s ear with a trembling voice, ‘There’s a tyrant in the town. This table belongs to him. Whoever dares to take it will be beaten to death. Mister, I suggest you sit somewhere else.’ ‘Oh really? I’d like to have some soup, please.’ Lancelot ignored the owner’s advice. The owner sighed and walked away.

        As Lancelot was enjoying his hot soup, he heard the door being flung open. Rapid heavy footsteps came from the doorway, but he had no interest in who was walking in. ‘You little rat, don’t you know this table is reserved?’ A domineering voice came from behind. Lancelot looked at the tyrant and said, ‘There are plenty of seats here, but they all seem to be too small to fit a fat pig.’ ‘You…!’ The tyrant’s underlings flicked Lancelot’s soup to the ground and threw away his bags. The tyrant yanked Lancelot’s collar and raised his fist. As the fist was about to land on Lancelot’s face, a heavy impact blasted the tyrant’s shoulder. Immense pain made him release Lancelot’s collar.

         A girl with blonde hair and emerald eyes stood between Lancelot and the tyrant. She said, ‘You savages! You’ve gone too far!’ ‘You have no idea what you’ve just done!’ The tyrant and his underlings raised their weapons and thrust at the girl. The woman who came with the girl hugged Lancelot’s arm and said nervously, ‘Oh! I’m so scared!’ However, all of the objects thrown at her were blocked by her elemental shield. Lancelot smiled bitterly.

        As the girl focused on the fight, the tyrant sneaked behind her back! Lancelot ran to the tyrant and walked past his shoulder. The next thing he knew, he tripped and fell. ‘Alas. Bulky like a pig.’ ‘You…!’ The tyrant was triggered and threw his fists at Lancelot one after another. Lancelot dodged every blow easily and kicked the tyrant in the stomach. The girl’s jaw dropped. As he screamed in pain, Lancelot blasted him onto the wall. Foam gushed out of his mouth. ‘Boss!’ Feeling it was time to flee, the underlings grabbed the tyrant and ran away. An outbreak of applause punctuated the silence, but the girl stared at Lancelot…

        ’You’re strong. Why didn’t you help us at first?’ ‘I never said I wouldn’t help. You attacked too early. And one thing…’ He stepped up to her, paused, and continued, ‘I had fun watching a monkey fight. If I had helped so soon, I would’ve missed the show.’ The girl lowered her head, trembling and murmuring. Trying to hear what she was saying, Lancelot leaned his ear to her. At that moment, she pointed her sheath at him and yelled, ‘...I challenge you to a fight!’ ‘You haven’t even drawn your sword…’ ‘So what! If I win, you’ll never call me a monkey again and apologise!’ Lancelot sighed and followed her outside.

        The girl and Lancelot confronted each other. She was the first to attack with her sword in the sheath, but no matter how she tried, Lancelot dodged every slash easily with a smile. She became frustrated. Sometimes Lancelot knocked her off balance and watched her trip awkwardly. ‘Enough! Don’t take me lightly!’ She did not want to yield. She kept attacking after every time she fell to the ground. Her unyielding attitude piqued his interest...

        Hours had passed. The girl stopped to catch her breath. Quite the contrary, Lancelot looked calm, as if nothing had happened. The result was clear. The girl intended to launch another attack, only to be stopped by the woman following her. The woman said, ‘Enough. The fight has come to a close.’ She brought the girl away forcefully. Watching them walk away, Lancelot thought, ‘It’s been a long since I’ve met anyone as interesting as them.’ As he recalled the girl’s angry face, he laughed. Now he followed them, looking forward to seeing more interesting things.

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