“For the land that nourishes everything, we shall take our oath.” In the past, Duncan the druid had once made a pact with the delicate sorceress, the reckless swordsman, the young Earl and the reticent beguine, that they would spend their whole lives fighting chaos, even if ending the war meant their final sacrifices. Although they ended up fighting against each other, their aspiration had never changed. Hence, Duncan the Overlord of Land and his companions were honored as the heroes of Humans. They prevented the Demons from capturing Enochian Tower and even climbed up to where the tower was broken - in fact, they reached there to fight the chaos.

        Duncan gained experience in the war between Gods and Demons. From his companions, he learnt the root of various powers, only to discover that nature was the only power that could heal the scars of war. But the world was ravaged by the power of the Gods and the Demons - the Earth was cracked and the lands were frozen. Worse still, the Demons restarted the war, in the attempt of seizing the power of Runestones originated in the tower. In order to bring recovery to the earth, Duncan and his companions climbed Enochian Tower together to reinforce the seal, in an effort to stop the brutal Demons from obtaining power of the tower. However, the beguine wanted to release the seal, so she could send the deceased souls back to heaven.

        Duncan understood that they both had the same mission of eliminating the chaos. They were just taking different paths. Right in front of the Ocean of Gates, they determined the future of the seal with their power of elements, submitting to the will of Runestones. The earth granted Duncan mighty power to defeat the deceased souls. He crushed the beguine and stood among the gates. The angel in grey armor who descended in front of him told him, ‘Your strength is negligible.’ But still, Duncan continued to conduct his power into the seal. The Runestones flowing around were triggered and glowed vividly. They accepted all the power Duncan had. Duncan lived up to his oath, that his soul stayed together with the elements. They maintained the order of the mother nature, while helping those who were determined to resolve the chaos.

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