In somewhere of a laboratory, there was a hole with 3 meters in diameter. Surrounded by metal walls, it was dark and bottomless.

        Clangs of metal echoed in the bottom. These were made by Newton. He kept hitting the wall with his sword, making some solid sounds. And his face fell every time he hit it. “The walls are thick. There isn’t any hidden passage here,” Newton was disappointed after having a quick check.

        “Yeah, that’s why they didn’t take our weapons away. They know we aren’t getting anywhere.” Watching his dispirited expression, Darwin came over to pat him on the shoulder. “Young boy, pull yourself together. We have time.”

        “...I’m going to climb,” Newton felt relieved a little.

        He enchanted his sword with fire element, burning the surface into fire red; Heat evaporated the air into white smoke. Newton swung his sword against the wall, and the high temperature started melting the surface, creating a breach as his “stepping stone”.

        When he stepped up to climb, the wall had a weird noise. Darwin’s face fell immediately after looking up. In the nick of time, he sprinted towards Newton to shield him.

        Whoosh——An arrow swept across the air and shot Darwin’s right foot. Then, he fell.

        “Darwin!” Newton jumped down and helped the injured Darwin up. Despite his wound, he remained optimistic with a smile. “...We fell into their trap...There are mechanisms in the wall...If anyone climbs up, they’ll be triggered...Cough…”

        As his face was getting pale, Newton cut off the shaft instantly and cut open his coat to bandage him.

        “This can slow down the blood loss,” Newton whispered. After the wound was carefully taken care of, Darwin gently touched his head wearing a smile. “Still very resourceful as always. Thank you.”

        “I’m the one who should say thank you…” The words almost slipped out, but Darwin could not hear it clearly. “Pardon?”

        “...Nothing. Let’s get out of here as soon as possible.” He tried to find another way out, but it was in vain.

        Time passed and Darwin looked much worse than before. He began to go into a panic.

        “The blood loss has slowed down, but if I don’t take the arrow head out as soon as possible…” Determined, Newton clenched his fists, came to Darwin and put him on the back. Yet Newton was strenuous for the huge difference in their height.

        “What are you doing?”

        “I found a way out.” Newton managed to carry him on the pack. To make sure it was safe to go, he tied themselves together with a belt.


        “...We fly.” Newton raised his metal sword, conjuring fire element on the blade. The energy was denser than last time, fully covered on the surface. Boosh! It began to burn fiercely.

        At the same time, Newton was murmuring. Judging from his lips, it was about a chunk of numbers. “You’re planning to heat the air——” Darwin was shocked as he heard it.

        Before he could finish his words, Newton swung the sword to draw an intriguing arc from upper right to lower left corner. A track of flames burnt the air, fizzling to the echo.

        He continued drawing different arcs. The fourth time when he swung, Newton and Darwin started floating inconceivably, heading up to the exit.

        Click! Click! Click!
        The walls, detecting their movements, kept shifting; countless arrows were shot at Newton.

        Then, he drew another arc with flames, taking a dive to avoid all the attacks, as if there was an invisible string to pull them down.

        “Newton changes the direction of convection with fire element to avoid the arrows…Such a young age can manage all these complicated calculations. Marvelous.” Darwin admired him for the clean actions. Having dodged rounds and rounds of attacks, they were getting close to the exit.

        Yet this was not a simple trap either. The engine from the exit began to rotate. Simultaneously, the metal walls kept pushing inwards!

        “The closing!” The anxious Newton sped up ascending, but the exit was closing faster than expected. He surely could not make it with the current speed.

        “Loosen the belt. You can make it without me.” Darwin was gratified by his kindness. “I’m truly happy to see your improvement——”

        “Shut up!” Newton cut in with the loudest he could, and his dull eyes ignited at this moment. “I’m not gonna leave you behind. I can save you, I have to! You’ve let me own possibilities!”

        “My body is burning hot, but I don’t feel pain…” Newton saw plenty of crimson spheres rush into him; Violent heat was erupted, which formed a raging flame blasting to the sky. The flame changed from red into blue, eventually purple covering Newton.

        Those flames consumed the air, turning into a bomb-like motive power to push both of them to the exit with high speed——

        Bang! Newton looked down at the exit, which was completely sealed by the metal plate.

        “You did it, Newton! We escaped!” Darwin shouted excitedly. It was until now that Newton finally knew he had gotten out of the hole. And weariness stroke his mind before he tasted the sweetness of triumph.

        Their speed fluctuated in the air and fell down to the ground near the hole. Newton was exhausted, lying down.

        “Ugh...So tired…”

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