Since departing from Honor, Dragon Maiden Agatha had been utilizing her Dracospirits to sense Cthugha’s whereabouts. On the journey, she met with Cthugha’s kin, Donald. He brought her to the foot of Mount Holy Cthugha and introduced her to the sleeping Ethereal Dragon. Although the heretics had named her their priestess, they burnt towns and villages with demonic fire to wake Cthugha; Donald also refined elements with ruthless fire, and fed them to the Ethereal Dragon. Agatha did not approve their approach, so she helped in preventing Cthugha from waking. She also warned other Humans of Donald and the heretics’ coming attacks.

        However, the heretics confined the Dragon Maiden. But the half-awakened Cthugha communicated with her. Surprisingly, the Ethereal Dragon could read her thoughts, even going as far as taking the initiative to release her. Since then, Agatha stalked Donald and his followers with the power of Dracospirits. She warned the targets of their assaults, increasing the difficulty of the fire bats’ hunt. Eventually, Donald could no longer endure her interference and hence, compromised with Agatha.

        “You win, priestess. I will refrain from burning towns and villages. But you cannot just leave us to starve.” Donald bowed to Agatha as a sign of respect. Behind him were fire bats and the heretics; he planned to stress Agatha by threatening her with their lives. “From the beginning, we have never had a place in this realm. If you want us to get along with Humans peacefully, please teach us a suitable way of life!”

        Agatha faked confidence and replied: “D...Don’t worry! I will find a way for you to live.”

        She visited clans of other species including werelizards, hoping to follow the example of their lifestyle as non-Humans. She even protected Humans on several occasions...The heretics were gradually convinced by Agatha to change, but Donald still stealthily incited the others against the Dragon Maiden. However, his scheme did not account for the arrival of a powerful outsider.

        In the past, Agatha had spread messages about Donald’s evildoing, and her propaganda was so widely-disseminated that it had even reached the Zodiac Courts. Hence, the Court of Libra garrisoned her soldiers at the foot of the mountain, and requested a meeting with Cthugha. Donald was not willing to accept her request, but he also could not declare war on the Courts of Zodiacs. Thus, he asked Agatha to serve as envoy and meet with the Court. Agatha knew this was a pretext Donald was intentionally using to send her away from the mountain, but to ensure the others’ safety, she still promised to meet with the Court of Libra in her capacity of Dragon Maiden.

        Under the soldiers’ lead, Agatha arrived at the camp of the Gods’ army alone. The Court of Libra courteously bowed to her before telling her that Summoners were about to start fighting Gods above Enochian Tower. The other Courts of Zodiacs were putting their efforts in preparation for the war, so she was here to enquire about the Ethereal Dragon’s position; only then could the Courts focus on the war between Humans and Gods without worry. Nervous, Agatha tried to explain that Cthugha and the heretics were gradually growing to accept her advice.

        “The legendary Ethereal Dragon would actually heed your advice...?!” Hand on chin, the Court of Libra continued: “If so, then there is no need for me to personally meet it.”

        “Yay!” Agatha could not help but cheer. “Ah! Please do not misunderstand... That was merely a natural expression out of gratitude; we do not plan to be Courts of Zodiacs’ enemies, so...”

        “Worry not. The soldiers are not here to confront you.” As if suddenly recalling something, the Court of Libra said, “Oh right. I also have a favor to ask.”

        The Court of Libra led Agatha to another camp; inside was a half-dragon teenager with broad wings on his back, and golden scales on his limbs.

        “Honor!” Agatha leapt to the teenager and inspected his situation.

        “You know him? That is even better. Since Tulzscha infused him with its power, he was left unconscious like this. These soldiers were gathered to subdue him in case he ever loses control of himself. Priestess of the Ethereal Dragon, do you know of a way to stabilize his power?”

        “Ursula! She can resonate with power of Dracospirits!”

        “Do you know where she is?”

        “No, I do not...When we parted, I was held by the wizards, and she flew away with Barbara...”

        “I know where Barbara is. She is Byakhee’s priestess, isn’t she? Artemis once fought her before.” The Court of Libra immediately ordered her soldiers to break camp.

        “Venerable Court of Zodiac, please let me go with you.”

        “But Cthugha and the heretics...”

        “Rest assured. He absolutely...looks forward to my departure...” Expression vexed, Agatha bit on her lip: “...temporarily!”

        Agatha held Honor in her arms and left the camp to the horse carriage. At the same time, the Court of Libra sent soldiers to leave a message for those on the Mount: “Just tell them ‘the Dragon Maiden will leave with us for the moment. There is no need to worry.’” The Court of Libra said with a forced smile while she gave orders to depart...

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