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        Elements were boiling in the blazing forge while Hephaestus was staring at the lava. The resonance of the elemental flow and the hammering sound brought a punch to his mind. A deeply-buried memory was dug out, taking Hephaestus to a spirit-forging trip…

        It happened when Hephaestus was still living on the realm of Humans as a mortal without Zeus’s thunderbolt.

        Back then, Hephaestus was all by himself after the death of his foster parents. To ease the loneliness, he forged day after day and night after night. Late at night in the mountain forge, he grabbed a handful of soil with the ablazing hammer on the other hand. The soil melted into lava as soon as it made contact with his palm. When he quenched the lava into the water, it was shaped into a weapon. Just as Hephaestus was about to hammer it——

        “Your voyage doesn’t end here. Your strength shall not be wasted on this.”

        A voice whispered in Hephaestus’s head.

        Clank——! The forged weapon cracked, whilst the fragments were reverted to lava and dropped to the ground.

        “That voice again…” Hephaestus murmured, clenching his fists.

        “Father...Mother...What should I do…”

        Hephaestus, who had his godly power awakened not long ago, was still unable to control it. The experience of the unknown strength and the loss of his mother had made him blank.

        Hephaestus took a rusty iron sword in the forge, and it was melted by his insanely hot palm. Meanwhile, a flashback was playing in his mind…

        “He is born to be extraordinary. Teaching him forging might just drag him down,” a middle-aged blacksmith told the woman next to him, who was carrying a bizarre-looking baby. His rough hand was stroking the baby’s cheek.

        “Fate will do the rest. All I hope is that he can figure out his own path…”

        As a sparkle flashed, the image was switched to an old lady lying sick on the bed. She put her trembling hand on a well-built man.

        “My son, you come from somewhere afar,” the old lady spoke slowly.

        “Mother, I don’t understand.”

        “Worry not. I believe you will figure out where you came from, and who your parents are. But I can no longer accompany you…”

        “I just want to become a blacksmith like father——”

        The flashback stopped as the sword had been completely melted.

        “Feel the power in your hands, and you shall possess the strength that dominates this realm…” The unknown voice whispered in Hephaestus’s head again.

        “Who! Who is talking!” Hephaestus yelled in the forge.

        “It’s time. Unleash the power you were born with, and you’ll know that you’re different!”

        Boom——! Something wrecked the wall. In the cloud of dust, there came a huge demonic creature.

        “That’s him! We can’t leave him alive! As long as he’s alive, he may reveal our secret,” said the huge ferocious demon general. As it pointed a sharp blade at Hephaestus, few demon soldiers attacked him from different directions.

        “What is going on?”

        Hephaestus took a roll to dodge the strikes. Stepping back to the corner of the forge, he guarded himself with the blazing hammer.

        “Don’t let him rest!” The demon general quickly gave a few commands, directing the rest of the demons to assault Hephaestus.

        It was difficult for Hephaestus to block all the attacks, for he was not an expert in combat. The moment he fended off the incoming slash, he got hit by an arrow from a long range, which was caught into his shoulder deeply.


        Blood was dripping from Hephaestus’s shoulder. He touched the wound with a trembling hand. The physical pain did not put him in a panic, but it stimulated a state of calmness out of him, where there was nothing but a voice——

        “Entrust yourself to the godly power, and the world will be ignited for you!”

        The soil was ignited when the blood of Hephaestus dropped on the ground. Meanwhile, all the weapons of the demons were melted before they could cut into Hephaestus’s flesh.

        “If I really have some sort of power, then let me burn you all with it!”

        Raising the blazing hammer, Hephaestus sensed an energy flow circulated between his body and the hammer, which brought him an unprecedented refreshing sensation. When he let out a roar, everything was covered in lava, turning the whole forge into a furnace.

        “Burn everything down!”

        As soon as Hephaestus swung his hammer, every incoming demon was engulfed by the lava immediately.

        The burning forge eventually crumbled; Standing at the center of the lava, Hephaestus scanned at another batch of approaching demons with flaming eyes.

        “So strong...And this is my power...also the infinite power from the land,” he thought.

        “It’s the power of god...He won’t be holding too long. We must not let him escape!” Shocked by Hephaestus’s potential, the killing intention of the demon general became even stronger, who sent more demon soldiers to attack Hephaestus.

        The blazing hammer sparkled brightly as if responding to Hephaestus’s power, who let out a loud laughter. Striking with the hammer, he killed the incoming demons one by one, and corpses started piling up around him.

        Yet there was always a next swarm of demons following one another. Hephaestus, who was drained by the long battle, felt a sudden hit of dizziness. The flames in his eyes gradually died out while the surrounding lava solidified.

        “He’s going down. Give him the last hit!” The demon general drew his sharp sword and charged at Hephaestus.

        Just when Hephaestus thought it was going to be his death, an astonishing being rescued him. Carrying him on the back, the being fled the scene in just a blink of an eye.

        “You’re...the traveller back then…” Hephaestus mumbled breathlessly.

        “I told you. You’re the son of Zeus, an existence out of the ordinary. Return to Heaven with me, where you can find the answer you’ve been seeking.”

        Hephaestus could feel his bonding with this man, which was a resonance of bloodline.

        “Alright. I will find my own path...Embark on my own voyage…”

        Hephaestus went unconscious right after speaking. When he woke up again, he was already with his biological father Zeus...