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        Surrounded by vigorous flames, the crowd of soldiers of Gods is the only thing in sight. Armstrong and I are separated and entirely fringed.

        “Armstrong! Are you alright?”

        “I’m fine! No worries!”

        Once again I grab my broadsword and infuse it with the power of light elements. This is such a long battle that reminds me of a battle in the past, when Armstrong and I were yet to inherit the Courts of Zodiacs... In that battle we were encircled by countless enemies. We fought days and nights, like what we’re doing now.

        I am wearied and my mind is worn down by the prolonged battle. My shoulders sore and blisters have popped out of my palms. Still, I can’t lower my sword despite of the consistent pain, for my enemies may take the chance once I let my guard down...

        I know the enemies are coming from all around as the jumbled footsteps are getting closer. I raise my sword, waiting for the right moment. I have learned that stillness is also one of the tactics through my experience in the past, especially for a long-drawn-out war like this, I can never squander my power and stamina.

        I can feel that the enemies are so close. I direct all the power of light elements in my sword to the edge and wave it towards them. Though a batch of enemies are defeated, more are coming. I roar and charge them.

        I keep exploiting my pneuma while I swing my sword. Suddenly, my back aches awfully. I turn and slash the enemy behind. I know that I have been stabbed deeply on my back, but I just don’t have the leisure to take care of it.

        I can feel the stings on my body getting hotter and hotter... Will I die here?

        The enemies, as many as ants, are trying to swamp me. What comes into my mind at the moment is the tender smile of the maiden with long hair. Will she blame me if she knows I come for a battle without telling her? Her sister will definitely give me a slap, won’t she?

        I miss the moments when she groaned softly beside me so much...

        It’s a pity I uttered no words at last...

        If I manage to return alive, I must grasp the chance to reveal her my affection.

        The soldiers, raising their weapon up high, come pouring to me. I smile as I brandish my sword, making the impossible wish...