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        Fist followed Tim and the others to a suspension bridge, making their way to save Ali Baba in the main building. But Fist and Plumpy were swallowed by a giant fish when they were crossing it. After a fierce battle, Fist managed to help Plumpy escape from its mouth, but he remained trapped inside…

        By the time he woke up, he was not inside the fish stomach anymore. Instead, Fist found himself chained in a laboratory with unknown liquid placed everywhere.

        “He’s awake. Bring Blodgett here,” Cullinan ordered a servant as he saw Fist woke up.

        Then, he came over. “Your eyes are completely different from those fluffy kittens’! I’m so excited to see how will the gems made by your eyes look like! Hahaha!”

        “You!! What did you do to the triplets!” When Fist thought about his pals who were in danger, the fury triggered his full-body muscles to bulge that the power was strong enough to break the chains on his limbs.

        “Even the gold chains can’t stop him...Darn it!” Fear began to surge in Cullinan’s mind. “Guards! Don’t let him get away,” Cullinan shouted.

        Soon, a group of guards rushed into the laboratory. Fist scanned them and stretched his shoulders to make a bone-cracking sound as a warm up. His well-built physique was hard as heavy armor. “Bring it on,” Fist taunted at the enemies fearlessly.

        Fist leveraged on the wall, jumped and flipped himself around, flying towards the enemies like a cannonball. Countless heavy punches were hit on the incoming enemies.

        “His, his speed is insane!”
        “Darn it! His muscles are way too strong. We can’t even hurt him!”
        “Ouch! My arms are gonna break. Please, have mercy!” The guards let out screams of pain. Cullinan was trembling with rage as he saw them get knocked down one by one. “Useless!”

        Fist approached him slowly; his poker face and burly figure intimidated Cullinan. “You-you, stay away from me. I-I’m not afraid of you! Leave me alone,” he stuttered.

        Cullinan kept throwing coins at Fist, but all bounced back by his muscles.

        “Now, it’s time to pay you back!” Fist did not feel anything at all.

        When Fist was about to punch Cullinan, it startled Cullinan out of his wits, crouching down and trembling with fear. What made him curious about was the punch never arrived. Instead, Cullinan heard an exclaim.

        “So cute...And it kind of looks like Plumpy.” Fist, holding a cat doll with both hands, could not stop hugging and kissing. Utterly confused about his weird behavior, Cullinan saw Blodgett the inventor standing in front of the door, waving at him.

        “Sir...this way.” After helping Cullinan escape, Blodgett continued tossing more lovely dolls to him. Overwhelmed by the cuteness, Fist held all of them into his arms tight.

        “Activate the electric current.” Blodgett pressed the control to give him a shock through the dolls.

        “Aren’t you a tough cat, huh!? Blodgett, take away his eyes now! I’m going to turn them into gems to rub my feet,” Cullinan was overjoyed as he looked at Fist’s painful face.

        “Sir...Not so fast...He still has value.”

        Blodgett explained her plan to Cullinan. “Bravo! There’s nothing more interesting than seeing the cats turning against each other!”

        Blodgett slowly walked towards Fist and put a brainwashing iron hoop onto his tail. “Eliminate all the intruding cats,” said Blodgett.

        Brainwashed by the hoop, Fist shivered and his eyes started to lose focus. “Eliminate the cats,” Fist responded in a robotic voice.