Name Liberation from Magic Lamp - Genie Attribute InvLight Light
Id No. 1269 Rarity 7★ Cost 16 Race InvGod God Series Fairytales Untold
Lv Max 99 Exp
5,000,000 Max
Basic Properties HP Attack Recovery Total Sacrifice Exp Sell Value
Lv 1 1583786193 2562 Lv 1 1000 1000
Lv 99 3136 1453 440 5029 Per Lv +1200 +100
Active Skill Name Alternation Charge - Beam Lv. 1
17 Lv. 12
Effect Turn Dark Runestones into Light Runestones. The more Runestones turned, the higher the Team Attack for 1 Round, to the max x 2.2 for 6 Runestones.
Leader Skill Name Childlike Promise - Beam
Effect When Combos of odd numbers are made, Light Attack x 3; when Combos of even numbers are made, Light Attack x 5.
Amelioration Skills
Refine1 Amelioration Skill 1:
Monster's Attack +180
Refine2 Amelioration Skill 2:
If a group of 3 or more Runestones are dissolved in the column below the Monster, Recovery of Light Monsters +15% for that Round (Runestones dissolved when dropping would not trigger the effect).
Refine3 Amelioration Skill 3:
Monster's HP +340
Refine4 Amelioration Skill 4:
If a group of 4 or more Runestones are dissolved in the column below the Monster, Attack of Light Monsters +15% for that Round (Runestones dissolved when dropping would not trigger the effect).
Battle Beginning of the Fairytales - Light
Power Release
Origin Friend Point
No Diamond
No Others

Book Backstory:

        “My. Second. Wish. Is. To….set you free!” Ali Baba suddenly made a wish, while Genie took a moment to realize what just happened. It was not until Genie saw his body emerge from the lamp and became a human being again, did he realize —his wish had finally been granted!

        Since he left Alibaba, Genie was completely free. Although he was finally able to feel the warmth of the earth with his feet, he still took the lamp wherever he went…

        During the first few days of regaining his freedom, Genie was extremely excited, but several days later, he felt empty inside—I am free, but what now? He was once burdened with the duty of fulfilling other peoples' wishes, which kept him occupied, but now that he was free and the burden had been lifted off his shoulders...He was not sure what to do now…

        “I wonder if I can still grant wishes...” Staring at the lamp, an idea came to Genie’s mind. He rubbed the lamp but nothing happened. “Should I find someone first?” Genie began his quest of finding a wisher.

        Every time he saw someone frustrated, he would ask: “Do you have any wishes?” Unsurprisingly, every "wisher" was frightened by Genie's strange appearance and ran away. However, Genie had plenty of time, so he kept trying until finally one day, he found a little girl…

        “Are you...upset?” Genie changed his question this time, thinking it was a better way to start a conversation.

        “I...I lost my kitty...” The girl pursed her lips and said sadly. Genie handed her the lamp and softly said: “ a magic lamp! Rub it and say you want your kitty. Your wish will be granted!” Genie tried his best to persuade the girl. The girl gazed at the lamp, thought for a while, took the lamp, and rubbed it while saying: “I want to see my kitty!” Instantly, a familiar warm feeling flushed through his body. He lowered his head and saw a kitty rubbing its head against his chest.

        “Oh, it’s my kitty! My wish came true!” The girl exclaimed happily, taking the kitty. Genie immediately cheered up, as he found joy from his former purpose. However, he thought of someone the moment he saw the kitty…

        “Do you have any other wishes?” Genie asked. Before the girl could reply, a shadow suddenly dashed by and grabbed the lamp. Genie was shocked and chased after him, while the thief in front shouted: “The rumors about the magic lamp were true! I’m gonna be rich, yeah!”

        Angered by the thief's comment, Genie ran faster and soon caught up with the thief. The thief was in complete shock and immediately picked up the lamp and said: “I wish I could escape; I wish I could escape...” Feeling the lamp slipping away from his hands, Genie felt a chill run through his body. He immediately tilted forward in an attempt to grab the lamp back…

        “I don’t want to grant your wish...If I did, you will always be a filthy thief…!” Genie lost his grip of the thief, but before he ran away, Genie caught the the thief with his legs and pinned him down. The lamp dropped to the ground during the fight. Genie immediately picked up the lamp and suddenly he heard a voice in his head,
        “Go find him. I want to grant him his wish.” It was definitely his own voice but somehow he sounded like a completely different person…

        Genie finally realized that the magic lamp was a part of him. He smiled and suddenly thought of someone. After handing the thief to the police, he immediately rushed back to the girl, and asked:
        “Can you help me with my wish?”
        “Did you also lose you kitty ?” The girl curiously asked.
        Genie nodded and gave the lamp to the girl, “My “kitty” is a little different than yours. Please repeat what I say…” The girl nodded while nervously rubbing the lamp …
        “I hope...”
        “I hope!”
        “That Genie...”
        “That Genie!”
        “Can see...”
        “Can see!”
        “Ali Baba now...”
        “Ali Baba now!”
        Suddenly, a familiar, proud laugh echoed in Genie’s ears…

        “Ali Baba! I'd like to join you on an adventure!” Genie took the lamp from the little girl and handed it to Ali Baba. This time, his life was full of purpose again, but Ali Baba didn’t feel the same…

        “Genie...What are you doing here!” Ali Baba had just found amazing treasure but was summoned in front of Genie before he could get his hands on it! Ali Baba was furious.

        “Ali Baba, my first friend!” Genie happily held Ali Baba’s hands.

        “You...Don’t get in my way if you are my friend!” Ali Baba angrily grabbed Genie's hands, but Genie took that gesture as a "yes" to his previous request…
        Seems like Genie is going to be busy for a while!

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