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        “You have no authority to imprison me!” Saruman is roaring in the seal.

        “Because of your betrayal, we have lost the heroes of humans. You must pay for this!” Pollux is wrapping his wounds roughly. “Luna, get up to the tower, quick! We can still make it - ”

        “No, it’s already too late,” the Savant of Snow looks up the tower.“They should have reached the archangels.”

        “They are braver than I thought,” I am drawing the last layer of seals. “And you, Saruman, are stubborner than my expectations.”

        The shackles of elements are engulfing Saruman bit by bit, but he is still growling at us. “You invaders of the world! You care only about your pets. You never see the rest of the creatures!”

        Not long before, Pollux intervened the conflict between Loki and Dark Cove. He freed the elves from Loki. Since then, the leader of the elves, Saruman, has been fighting by our side against the Demons. However, he betrayed us in order to obtain the godly power, leaving us no choice but to seal him with the power of Enochian Tower.

        “You’re right. I am feeding their hearts. As long as there is hope within people, I will protect their pure hearts.” The Deep Thinker walks to the front of the shattered wall. The runes on the broken pieces of the tower glows as he conducts his power to the air. “What I can do now is to open a channel for their souls, and let them choose whether to stay in the elements or not.”

         “Has it killed all of them?” I asks the deep thinker. “Has it finally gone mad?”

        “It? You should know it more than I do, Luna. You possess half of his heart, don’t you?”

        I shake my head. Lucifer has been silent to me. He no longer helps me... Or I should say, he has already offered too much help to me.

        “What left there are just the body of Lucifer and Michael, and a bit of their lives and consciousness.”

        I look at the outside of the tower. The human army are retreating according to the duke’s plan. With their enemies gone, the Demons flock into the tower.

        All souls are fighting for their own goals. In order to ensure everything is fair and just, I help the human secretly, so that they could position themselves in the war between Gods and Demons. However, they must climb the tower using their own strength in order to be recognized by the souls in the tower. Therefore, as the Savant of Snow tries to help them enter heaven, he is obstructed by envious Saruman. Justice would silently balance everything, and I must protect the weights so that the process would not be disturbed until they meet their own endings, at least...

         “Should I drive them off?”

        “No,” the Deep Thinker is pointing at the floating debris of the tower, on which the runes are shining. “They have walked into the elements and activated the runes.”

        “Enochian Tower is protecting itself with its phantoms. Let’s retreat, Pollux.” Still, the scales of justice is shaking and the chaos is extending. “Next time, the door to heaven will be pried open. We shall prepare ourselves for it from now on.”