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        Long time ago, people were always loyal to love, upholding an everlasting monogamous relationship, until the end of one’s life.
        “Work is done! I’m gonna go back home!”
        “Haha! You really miss your wife, don’t you?”
        “Humph! Aren’t you not?”
        A few men walked out of the farmland to head home after getting the job done. They were talking loudly about their wife with much love and sincerity.
        At the moment, a lady was coming over. She wore a pure-white but thin dress, which hardly concealed her exquisite body. The men were totally captivated by such kind of seduction, as if their souls were taken. This struck their mind blank, all remaining silent. When the lady walked by, she turned around and threw a kiss. “Release yourself. Loose the restrain.” As she waved to them, the men were all like possessed and followed her to leave.

        That night, the men didn’t go home. Their wife kept waiting, but they yet returned, not until dawn the next day satisfied. Ever since their return, they had become a completely different person—— They were not gentle with their own wife anymore. Their love was all gone, leaving nothing but impatience. Soon, the men began to date different women, and even had an affair. Despite all this, the betrayed wives still believed one day their husband would come around.

        Unable to tolerate the emptiness alone at home, the wives wandered around the street together and even rested in other places, just to soothe the loneliness within. Late at night, the sky was pouring rain suddenly. Soaking wet, the wives were in a hurry to find a shelter. During the midway, one of them carelessly tripped over on the floor. Then, a man came over and lent a helping hand, wiping the water away on her face. As he knew the wives had no nowhere to go, they were brought to a manger next to his house to stay the night. The kind man did not only settle them down, but also bandaged the wounded wife, and said good night until everything was alright. At the moment, a charming lady in white dress approached them. Drenched to the skin, she looked exceptionally gorgeous and seductive. The strange fact was that, even though they were no different in gender, the wives were all mesmerized by this lady.

        She approached them and asked, “you think that kind man is charming, don’t you?” As she talked, the wives recalled the look of the man, and the way he touched them gently. Their hearts raced, as if struck by electric current. Their mind was completely occupied by him.

        The lady led them to the man’s house. “Release yourself. This is what we called the meaning of life,” she said while pushing the door open. Then, the wives slowly get on the man’s bed…

        Gradually, many people had forgotten the monogamous love they had been pursuing. Even in a relationship, some might break up with another when they met a better person; no matter how much people used to love one another, they could become ruthless in order to be with someone else.

        Since then, humans were not loyal to love anymore, but the human race also thrived because of that. And that lady, who lured people to release their lust, was known as “Lilah”, the creature resembled both god and demon…